Deciphering Casino Slot Game Symbols and Language

Online gaming is immensely popular. According to the statistics, there were 2.7 billion gamers across the planet in 2020. That’s 0.2 billion more than in 2016 and the number is increasing.

Online gaming is affecting every industry. It’s not just about mobile apps offering free games, although games like Candy Crush do extremely well. The best online casinos have an array of games worth trying, even gamers with traditional game consoles are increasingly playing online. Just look at the popularity of Fortnight and Call of Duty’s Blackout.

The problem with any game is that the symbols and even the language can be challenging. You need to know what everything means to focus on the game and use the right aids as and when necessary.

Let’s face it, you don’t normally have time to pause and check what a symbol means. It will cost you the game.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you decipher casino games’ symbols and language. It’s easy when you know how!

Slot Machine Symbols

Slot machines are some of the most popular choices at online casinos. They are quick, fun, and offer the chance to win real cash. However, they can also be confusing, especially if you’ve never played before.

Naturally, every game has some unique symbols. If you understand the standard symbols then it will only take a moment to identify the unique ones and get to grips with the game.

Standard Symbols

These are the traditional slot machine symbols, along with J, Q, K, and A – card-based symbols. Many modern slots use alternative icons, representing specific themes. However, the principle is the same, you need to line up symbols to get a screen showing just one type of symbol. That’s when you get the payout.

Standard symbols are common and appear often in any game. If you manage to line them up you’ll get a payout, but it will be small

High-Paying Symbols

These are also unique to the game but a quick look at the pay table will tell you which ones they are. If you can line these up you’ll get a much higher payday.

In the majority of cases that will be at least ten times your bet.


These are rarer than your high-paying symbols. If you manage to get these they will multiply your winnings, giving you significantly more than with a high-paying symbol.

Interestingly, these often come on consecutive goes, allowing you to multiply the multiplier.

Scatter Symbols

In most cases, simply getting three or more scatter symbols on your screen is enough to win. The symbols don’t need to be in a row, hence their name. Of course, they are also rare.

In many cases a win with scatter symbols isn’t a cash prize, it’s a different reward, such as freezing a line or getting several free spins.

It’s usually possible to use the scatter symbols with a multiplier to increase the number of free goes.

In some cases, you can also collect scatter symbols and use them to access bonus rounds or special features.

Wild Symbols

Check the pay table before you start playing. You’ll find at least one wild symbol. Remember what it is. If it appears on a spin, it can be used like a joker in a card game, to represent any other symbol.

Of course, these are powerful icons and very rare.

It’s also possible to get an expanding wild which will do exactly what it says, expand across the screen and boost your chances of winning a prize.

Jackpot Symbol

How Slot Machines Work: The Jackpot Symbol

This is potentially the most exciting symbol. When it appears, you’ll be allowed access to the jackpot round, allowing you to play for the best prizes.

It should be noted that some slot machines simply enter jackpot rounds randomly, meaning there are no jackpot symbols.

Using The Slot

Physical slot machines have a lever or button that needs to be pushed or pressed to have a go. The same is true online, it’s just an electronic lever or button.

All you have to do is add credit to your account, choose your slot, read the pay table, and push the button to have a go. The symbols will spin and stop, allowing you to see whether you’ve won or not.

Summing Up

Now you understand how to use the slot machines and what the symbols mean, you’ll know it only takes a moment to check the pay table and see which icons your chosen machine is using. Then, you can start playing, have some fun, and perhaps even win a few dollars.