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Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Games for Mobile in 2023

Mobile crypto games have taken the world by storm, offering exciting gameplay while allowing you to earn real money. Here are the best play to earn crypto games for Android and iOS devices in 2023.

The Rise of Play to Earn Games (P2E)

More and more mobile games are adopting the play to earn mechanic, allowing players to make money while having fun. These trends should continue to grow in 2023 as crypto gaming becomes mainstream.

Some of the top crypto games to play on your phone right now are:

Spike Arena: An Addictive New P2E Game

Spike Arena is a basketball-themed play to earn game where you compete to score the highest number of points. You can collect and upgrade NFT player cards that you can sell or trade with other players. The SPIKE token is earned by playing the game and can be cashed out or used to buy better cards. The online 3v3 matches are fast-paced and addictive.

Splinterlands: A Strategic Trading Card Game


Splinterlands combines a traditional trading card game with crypto collectibles and rewards. You collect monster cards with different attributes and battle other players either manually or by queuing your deck. Winning earns you in-game rewards and the Hive cryptocurrency. The game has simple gameplay but a high skill ceiling for competitive players.

Ember Sword: An Engaging Action RPG

Ember Sword

Ember Sword puts you in the role of a gladiator fighting through various arenas. The game features stunning 3D graphics and real-time combat using swords and magic. Players can forge and upgrade NFT weapons and armor to become stronger. You are rewarded with the game’s native token for playing the game’s diverse PvP and PvE modes.

Axie Infinity – A popular Pokemon-


like game where you breed, raise, battle and trade axies (digital pets) to earn tokens.

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired digital pet universe and blockchain-based game where players breed, raise, battle and collect token-yielding creatures called Axies. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and employs non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent the unique in-game creatures.

Players can earn tokens in the game by winning battles, collecting treasures and breeding new Axies. These tokens can then be exchanged for real-world value or used to enhance their Axies. Axie breeding also produces new NFTs which some players sell for profits. The game has attracted a large player base partly due to the ability to generate income by playing.

Gameplay in Axie Infinity revolves around turn-based battles between players’ teams of Axies. Each Axie features different stats and abilities which can be enhanced and combined to gain strategic advantages. Breeding strong Axies with the desired statistics and skills thus plays an important role in the game.

However, critics note that the high upfront cost of buying at least 3 Axies to start playing is prohibitive for many potential players. The repetitive nature of battles and limited non-combat activities have also been mentioned as drawbacks.

Crypto Blades – A skill-based combat game-


You can forge weapons and armor as NFTs, battle monsters and earn the SKILL token

In Cryptoblades, players take on the role of a Blademaster who ventures into mysterious lands to fight monsters and earn rewards. Players can equip their Blademaster with NFT swords and armor, which they can obtain from forging, buying from other players, or as drops from monsters. Better weapons and armor lead to better ability to defeat monsters and earn rewards.

The gameplay is fairly simple and involves using the equipped NFT items to repeatedly attack monsters. However, strategy does come into play in determining which items to forge and equip for optimal damage output. There are also different types of monsters with varying stats.

By defeating monsters, players earn SKILL tokens that they can either spend in the game economy or exchange for real-world value. Players can also sell their forged and looted NFT weapons on the in-game marketplace, allowing others to benefit from the stats on those items.

The key positives of Cryptoblades are the compelling gameplay loop of forging weapons, fighting monsters and earning rewards, and the integration of NFT technology to give items real-world value. However, some have criticized the repetitive nature of just tapping to attack monsters continuously.

Thetan Arena – An online battle arena game


Simple gameplay but complex strategies. You can earn the token REWARD by playing

Thetan Arena is a play-to-earn collectible card battle game where players compete 1v1 in real-time combat using unique NFT card champions. Players can earn real world value through the game’s native REWARD token.

In Thetan Arena, players assemble a team of up to 3 Thetan champions – each with different abilities and strengths. Players then challenge each other to battles in real time where they can use skills, combos, blocks, and dodges to gain the upper hand. Strategy and quick decision making determine the outcome of battles.

There are over 100 unique Thetan champions to collect, with new ones continually being released. Players can obtain Thetan champions in various ways like crafting, purchasing from the in-game store, or the in-game marketplace. Stronger champions help players progress to higher arenas and earn more rewards.

By winning battles, players earn REWARD tokens they can either spend in the in-game store on new champions and items, or convert to real world value. Players can also sell their Thetan champions on the in-game marketplace where other players can use them for their team.

The key positives of Thetan Arena are the engaging real time combat, large roster of unique champions to collect, and ability to earn tokens through skilled gameplay. However, some criticize the heavy emphasis on spending money to obtain the strongest champions.

Other potential games:

Coin Hunt World – An augmented reality treasure hunting game where you earn BTC and ETH.

coin hunt world

In Coin Hunt World, you move around real-life locations like parks, streets and trails as you would in Pokemon Go. The game uses AR to overlay vaults on top of real-world places. You then locate these vaults using clues and your phone’s GPS, and answer trivia questions to open them. Opening vaults earns you crypto rewards in the form of BTC and ETH.

The gameplay is casual and simple, with the main objectives being to find and open as many vaults as possible each week. There is a social aspect as well where you can form groups with friends to locate vaults together and share answers. You can also challenge other players to head-to-head trivia showdowns for additional crypto rewards.

By completing in-game tasks like leveling up, answering trivia questions correctly and opening vaults , you earn BTC and ETH that is deposited directly to your associated crypto wallet. You are then free to keep the crypto, spend it in-game or withdraw it for cash.

The key positives of Coin Hunt World are the novel location-based AR gameplay, ability to earn real crypto rewards for playing casually, and social/competitive elements. However, the gameplay can get repetitive, and players must commit time to move around to find vaults.

Lost Relics – A RPG dungeon crawler where you earn rewards and the REVV token.

lost relics_

Lost Relics is a play-to-earn crypto RPG where you explore dungeons, slay monsters, and earn the in-game REVV token. You can trade items and characters as NFTs, allowing you to make real-world profits from the game.

In Lost Relics, you create a character and venture into mysterious dungeons filled with monsters, traps, and treasure. You choose from different character classes like warriors, rogues and mages, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. As you progress, you can find and equip various weapons and armor that drop as NFTs, enhancing your character’s capabilities.

Defeating monsters and bosses earns you silver coins and loot drops that you can sell for REVV tokens. You can also obtain NFT items and characters that can be sold or traded on the in-game marketplace. Stronger and rarer items typically sell for more REVV.

The gameplay combines traditional RPG elements with crypto rewards and NFT integration. Dungeon crawling, character builds, and loot collection provide the core experience, while earning REVV and obtaining NFTs allow players to potentially profit from gameplay.

The pros of Lost Relics are the familiar yet exciting dungeon crawler RPG experience, and the thrill of potentially earning real money rewards. However, the fact that in-game drops are essentially random can be frustrating for some players.

My Crypto Heroes – A Pokemon Go style game where you collect and battle heroes to earn the MCH token.



Play to earn crypto games have made significant gains in introducing cryptocurrency and blockchain to mainstream mobile gamers. With companies looking to integrate NFTs and tokens into more familiar and fun gameplay, the genre is set for massive growth in 2023 and beyond. Keep an eye out for new and innovative titles on both Android and iOS that could be the next big crypto gaming phenomenon.

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How do play to earn crypto games work?

Play to earn crypto games integrate cryptocurrencies and NFTs into traditional gameplay in order to reward players financially. Players earn in-game tokens or NFT items by accomplishing goals like defeating enemies, leveling up, completing quests, or winning battles. These tokens can then be traded or sold for real world value. The games aim to turn gameplay time into financial rewards.

What are the pros and cons of play to earn crypto games?

Pros: Opportunity to earn real money rewards, integrate blockchain and crypto into traditional gameplay, players truly own in-game items as NFTs.
Cons: Often require investing money upfront, rely on the value of in-game assets which can fluctuate, gameplay can become repetitive or centered around earning rewards.

Are play to earn crypto games worthwhile?

Whether play to earn crypto games are worthwhile depends on the individual. For those who enjoy the specific gameplay and don’t mind the potential repetition, these games can provide a real opportunity to earn supplemental income through casually playing. However, the value of rewards is not guaranteed and will vary per game and over time. Many also require investing money initially. So players should only invest what they can afford to lose and enjoy the games primarily for the gameplay itself.

Is crypto gaming regulated?

leaving it within a regulatory gray area with legal uncertainty. As the industry grows, further regulatory guidance will be needed to provide legal clarity for both developers and players.