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Battlefield 2042 Update 5.1.0: Full patch notes

DICE has announced that Battlefield 2042 Update 5.1.0 will be released next week, and they have shared the complete list of changes in the update. The release notes state that this update will address several bugs and glitches while introducing improvements to squad spawning.

Specifically, the patch will include a new prompt called ‘Low Vehicle Health’ when players try to spawn on vehicles from the deployment screen. This feature will give players better visibility of the vehicle’s condition, including whether it is engaged in combat.

Battlefield 2042 Update 5.1.0 will also significantly enhance the Hazard Zone game mode. DICE has made these adjustments to enhance the overall experience and flow of gameplay.

Once the Battlefield 2042 Update 5.1.0 is available, it will be automatically downloaded through the EA App and Steam platforms. The complete changelog for the update can be found below.

Complete Battlefield 2042 Update 5.1.0

Here is the full patch notes for Battlefield 2042 Update 5.1.0:

Vault Weapon Attachments

Season 5: New Dawn marked the start of Vault Weapons receiving All-Out Warfare attachments with Assault Rifles and the GOL Sniper Magnum became the first to receive these improvements. Marksman Rifle Vault Weapons are next to receive this same support with the M39 EMR and the SVD.

Squad Spawning Improvements

There will now be a ‘Low Vehicle Health’ prompt when attempting to spawn on vehicles from the deployment screen, allowing you to see the state of the vehicle better or if it is in combat. We have also restricted the ability to spawn on foot with the CAV-Brawler should the vehicle be at capacity and currently in combat. This helps prevent your untimely death upon spawn.

Battlefield 2042 Update 5.1.0 Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where grenades play the pin-out twice if you wait a long time to throw
  • Fixed an issue where silencers were affecting under barrel shotgun & launcher firing sounds
  • Updated when the game thinks the player is on the Exodus to catch edge cases where the game mix would be wrong.
  • Fixed visual and audio sync for countdown timer in End of Round.
  • Fixed bug where the Main menu character animations would sometimes not play because of audio being culled.
  • Added fallback to loading music when going to a level in case the normal loading music trigger doesn’t get hit.
  • Expanding the season 5 main menu to be more alive and engaging with sounds of soldiers working, PA announcements and alarms when joining a level, no penguin sounds though, we’ll keep asking.
General & Gameplay Improvements
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to stutter/jitter while freefalling at high speeds.
    • Dev Comment: This is also a speculative fix for an issue that prevented players from safely deploying their parachute as they got close to the ground. Let us know if your experience improves!
  • Fixed an issue that caused damage numbers to appear in the skulltrain. When the crosshair placed damage numbers option was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to cancel a Danger Ping.
  • Also fixed an issue that would cause a pinged objective or vehicle to no longer be pinged if another squad member also pinged it.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the confirm counter to count incorrectly if the Squad Leader cancelled a previous ping.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to spot vehicles when inside of a vehicle.
  • Also fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to spot nearby enemies when inside of a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing vehicle icons on the minimap to stutter/jitter as they moved.
  • Fixed so Chat position respects Horizontal HUD padding.
  • You’ll now be able to separately alter the scaling of Vehicle Seating and Game Hints within the HUD Options
  • Added a preview window to the Options setting for the Minimap Orientation.
    • This preview window now also displays the aforementioned updates.
Battlefield Portal
  • Fixed an issue that caused default attachments on weapons to appear in the Restrictions tab
  • Thermal scopes have now been added to the restrictions tab in Battlefield Portal
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple attachments to be missing from the restrictions tab
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the 2042 Vault weapons to not show in the 2042 rule editor
  • Also fixed an issue that caused Season 4 weapon attachments to not show in the restrictions tab
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the default attachments of the 1942 Sniper Rifles to be disabled in the restrictions tab.
  • Placed extra environmental cover and VFX to limit the ability for players to look into the spawn of the defending side whilst standing at a hill on D1.
  • Resolved an issue that allowed players to vault through a Guard Post wall near C1.

Hazard Zone has received a range of alterations to improve the overall experience and gameplay flow.

  • Hazard Zone Coins have been removed along with the buy phase at the start of the round, and reward pay out at the end of the round.
  • Introduced XP gains as the main reward function for successfully extracting, data drives define the amount of XP rewarded upon successful extractions. Take note, only two teams can extract in total – ensure you’re one of them.
  • Similar to Conquest and Breakthrough, players will now be able to bring their normal loadouts into Hazard Zone.
  • Improved the End of Round screen as part of the changes taking place with Hazard Zone.
  • Fixed various issues with the EOR which often would show the mission outcome as “failed” when in reality you extracted just fine.
  • Fixed a variety of issues with HUD elements, particularly in-world icons of drives.
  • The Penguins have infiltrated the barracks of AI Soldiers and ruined the durability of their armor, resulting in reduced health within Hazard Zone. It’s fine, they’re AI – they’ll never notice.
  • Fixed a variety of issues around the Second Chance functionality.
  • Added a dynamic minimum player requirement. If not enough players join the lobby in time, the player requirement to start a round will be automatically reduced to a minimum amount of 8 players in order to start a round.
Specialists & Gadgets
  • Fixed an issue that allowed for Irish’s APS Shootdown Sentinel to unintentionally intercept vehicle weaponry from 20mm, 30mm and 50mm cannons.
  • Claymore lasers now accurately reflect team ownership and follow your custom enemy, ally and squad colours. Meaning they are colourblind friendly too!
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rao to enter an incorrect animation state when attempting to hack a vehicle that activated the CWP countermeasure mid-way through
  • Fixed an issue that prevented repairing a vehicle with the Repair Tool if you were stood next to a soldier.
  • Also fixed an issue that caused overlapping text to occur when trying to lock onto a target that had been hit with the Tracer Dart.
  • Fixed some graphical issues on the Spring Grenade.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Repair Tool UI to appear broken when repairing with a custom crosshair colour
  • Also fixed an issue that caused the Lock On Diamond to get stuck if the enemy vehicle deployed the thermal smoke countermeasure
  • Fixed an issue that caused the default attachments of the 2042 era Vault Weapons not to be displayed on the collection screen
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 1942, BF3, and BC2 default attachments not to show on weapons within the collection screen
  • Also fixed an issue that caused the red dot sight on the PF51 sidearm to have a different field of view than other red dot sights
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the GEW-46 scope attachments when used in combination with the default weapon skin
  • Fixed an issue that caused the PP-2000 to be categorized as a BC2 Vault weapon incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with 20mm flak cannon where it did extra unintended damage in direct impacts
  • Lowered 20mm flak cannon impulse, it should no longer move your air vehicles, wobble.
  • Reduced range of 20mm flak to ~200m and below
  • Added replenishment to jets cannon to keep them consistent with other pods in the game
  • Increased range of jet rocket pods to 600m and below
  • AGM missiles on F-35E Panther should no longer lock onto empty vehicles
  • APS icon on vehicles now share the same icon as Irish’s Shootdown Sentinel
  • Fixed an issue where the Nightbird’s rockets were not fired from both rocket pods upon holding the fire button.
  • AT Mines dropped by the M5C Bolte now correctly sink into the ground after deployment.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing heavy air vehicles to be used as a battering ram against light ground vehicles without taking collision damage, this will no longer be the case!
  • Improved the BC2 MI-240’s gunner seat screen fade when zooming to be more responsive.
  • Fixed air vehicle camera clipping and crosshair visibility in all 3p views and transitions regular, zoom, rearview, and rearview zoom
  • Fixed an issue that caused vehicle tracks to continue to move and spawn particle effects when descending in a vehicle elevator
  • Updated the description text for the decouple aim option with some recommended settings.
  • Fixed an issue on the Stationary AA weapon that prevented screen shakes from playing when firing it.

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