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Ariana Grande to Headline Fortnite’s In-Game ‘Rift Tour’ Concert Series

Ariana Grande will perform at Fortnite’s online concert series from Friday, Aug. 6 through Sunday, Aug. 8

The next Fortnite concert is officially on the way — and Ariana Grande will be front and center.

Epic Games, developer of the popular video game, announced Sunday that the singer will headline its upcoming online concert, “Rift Tour.”

“From August 6-8, take a musical journey into magical new realities where Fortnite and Ariana Grande collide,” Epic Games said in a statement.

Grande, 28, will perform in-game with five showtimes over three days to reach global audiences: Friday at 6 p.m. ET, Saturday at 2 p.m. ET and Sunday at 12 a.m., 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET.

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The singer also shared the news on her social media accounts, posting a promo video of the event, featuring her playable animated character.

This isn’t Fortnite’s first music tie-in. Last year, rapper Travis Scott logged on for his “Astronomical” in-game concert, which saw more than 12.3 million people online as he debuted his collaboration with Kid Cudi.

Inspired by the work of Cactus Jack, the event took place in the battle-royale game and included both performances and in-game rewards, like special outfits and other Scott-themed goodies. Grande’s virtual concert series is said to follow suit, with her own themed rewards for gamers.

Scott’s Fortnite concert was the first of five “other-worldly” tour dates the popular online game put on over the following three days.

In 2019, Marshmello also participated in a similar event, where over 10 million players were said to have logged in.

Epic Games suggests that fans log in to Fortnite an hour prior to Grande’s “Rift Tour.” The company is planning to release more information for the event on Monday.

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How to Watch The Rift Tour With Ariana Grande in Fortnite ?

it might’ve taken a bit longer than expected, but Fortnite has finally confirmed that the upcoming Rift Tour concert will be featuring music superstar Ariana Grande.

When previously announced, Epic Games only said there would be a “record-breaking superstar” performing, but that has since been confirmed.

Now, there’s still a matter of when you’ll have to show up and see her perform. Her concerts will take place over the weekend of August 6-8, and there will be a total of five different showtimes.

This is done to ensure that everybody who wants to check out Grande’s concert will be able to do so. If this is anything on the level of the Travis Scott concert we previously saw in Fortnite, then we should be in for a treat.

What Are the Times?

The five different showtimes are meant to accommodate the millions of Fortnite players around the globe, but you’re able to watch all of them if you’re around for the start times for each one.

These five times include the following:

  • The Americas: August 6 at 6 p.m. ET
  • Global: August 7 at 2 p.m. ET
  • Asia + Oceania: August 8 at 12 a.m. ET
  • EU + ME: August 8 at 10 a.m. ET
  • The Americas: August 8 at 6 p.m. ET

Epic Games encourages players to log on early in order to secure a spot. They say you should load up Fortnite at least an hour before the event begins, and then you’ll want to hop into The Rift playlist at least a half hour before your desired time.

Events like this tend to bring in a lot of players, even those who don’t even play Fortnite, so this is just a precaution to take to ensure everyone who wants to watch a show live will still be able to do so.

If you do attend the event, and you’re a Fortnite Crew subscriber, you’ll also be able to get some exclusive cosmetics that will go straight into your locker.

Free Cosmetics?

Anybody who attends the event will automatically receive the Cuddly Cloudcruiser Umbrella free of charge. It’s also nice to have extra gliders and umbrellas, so it’s worth checking out the show even if you’re not a fan of Ariana Grande’s music yourself.

If you’re an active Crew subscriber, make sure you log in between August 5 and 9 so you can get the following for free:

  • Rainbow Cloudcruiser Umbrella
  • Skye up High Loading Screen
  • Rift Tour-themed Banner

We’ve seen Grande’s character already, but there hasn’t been any confirmation about whether or not she’ll be receiving an Icon Series skin like Travis Scott or Marshmello before here.

In the case of both those concerts, we saw a leadup to them on the map where venues were built. We still have a few days to go until her show, so Epic could still make them happen if they’d like to.

No matter the case, we’re sure this will be an event unlike any other and you won’t want to miss out on any of the festivities. With five different showtimes, there isn’t much of an excuse not to show up!

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Ariana Grande Is Headlining Fortnite's New Concert Series
Ariana Grande Is Headlining Fortnite’s New Concert Series

Ariana Grande Is Headlining Fortnite’s New Concert Series

Ariana Grande Is Headlining Fortnite’s New Concert Series
By James Dinh

On Sunday (August 1), it was announced that the pop superstar will perform within Fortnite as part of its in-game event, which has been dubbed a “musical journey into magical new realities” and scheduled for August 6-8. “Ariana & the Rift Tour” will be available five times over the course of the weekend to accommodate her Arianators across the globe. Among the time slots include Friday at 6 PM ET, Saturday at 2 PM ET and Sunday at 12 AM ET, 10 AM ET, and 6 PM ET.

“Working with Epic and the Fortnite team to bring my music to life inside the game has been so fun and such an honor,” The Voice judge said in a statement. “I can’t wait to join my fans and see all of your reactions to such an unforgettable, magical journey to new realities.”

Meanwhile, Phil Rampulla, head of brand at Epic Games, chimed in on the announcement, saying,” Fortnite is a place for the imagination and the impossible. With the Rift Tour, we’re bringing a musical journey to life that players can experience, feel, and join alongside their friends. We’re so grateful to have an iconic superstar like Ariana Grande and her team join us for a musical experience at metaverse scale, and for players and fans alike to experience the Rift Tour!”

In addition to her set, users will be able to buy a skin based on the singer as part of its Icon Series beginning on Wednesday.

Fortnite: How to watch Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour event ?

Pop star is set to perform a series of in-game concerts

Ariana Grande is the latest musician to deliver a digitally-rendered performance in the hit battle royale game Fortnite.The “Thank U, Next” singer-songwriter follows in the footsteps of artists including Travis Scott, whose event last year attracted an audience of 12.3m concurrent players, breaking the game’s record at the time.

Grande is set to perform as part of the game’s Rift Tour series of concerts.

The event is scheduled for several performances throughout next weekend, with times spaced out to ensure players around the world can attend.

“Working with Epic and the Fortnite team to bring my music to life inside the game has been so fun and such an honour,” said Grande.

“I can’t wait to join my fans and see all of your reactions to such an unforgettable, magical journey to new realities.”

Here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know to attend the event, including when it’s on and how to attend it.

When is Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour event?

The in-game event will take place on Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 August. Here are the timings:

Show one | Friday 6 August at 11pm BST

Show two | Saturday 7 August at 7pm BST

Show three | Sunday 8 August at 5am BST

Show four | Sunday 8 August at 2pm BST

Show five | Sunday 8 August at 11pm BST

In order to access the event, players must have downloaded Fortnite for free on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, PC or Mac.

It is recommended that players jump into the game an hour or so before the show begins.

‘Fortnite’ Rift Tour Walkthrough: Where Are the Rift Tour Posters?

What Is the Rift Tour Event?
The Rift Tour is a virtual gig, taking place this weekend and headlined by Ariana Grande, that you can attend on Fortnite island.

Similar to the recent Easy Life show, this event will take advantage of its video game setting to offer players unique ways of interacting with each other and the musical performance itself. Meanwhile, there will also be a variety of unlockables that you can earn by attending the concert, or by shelling out some V-bucks in the item store.

Rift Tour Quest Walkthrough: Interact With the Rift Tour Posters?

To build anticipation for the Ariana Grande show, Fortnite has been updated with three new quests that are explicitly themed around the upcoming concert.

One of these limited-time missions asks you to “interact with the Rift Tour posters” that have been scattered around the island. There are five possible sites at which you can find these materials, those being the alliteratively named “Corny Complex,” “Retail Row,” “Lazy Lake,” “Misty Meadows” or “Believer Beach.”

All you need to do to complete the quest is walk up to any one of these posters and hold down the interact button (whichever control you use to pick up weapons and open chests). Upon doing this, you will then be rewarded with a “Rift-Sterpiece” spray.

To help you with the quest, Newsweek has prepared the following guide with the poster locations.

Rift Tour Quest Walkthrough: Believer Beach Poster Location

A poster can be found plastered on a west-facing brick wall, next to some payphones at Believer Beach.

If you head to the second “B” in the landmark’s name on the map, you should be able to find it quite easily. Make sure to watch out for enemy players here, as this has become quite a crowded spot since the debut of Fortnite’s “Invasion” season.

Rift Tour Quest Walkthrough: Corny Complex Poster Location

To the west of Corny Complex, you will find an outdoor movie theatre.

At the southernmost fence of this area, a Rift Tour poster is hung on the side of a makeshift concessions stand.

ift Tour Quest Walkthrough: Misty Meadows Poster Location

Misty Meadows is one of the trickier places to find a Rift Tour poster, mainly because it is a bustling hub of activity that tends to attract a lot of rival players (especially when an abductor ship is looming overhead).

Still, you can find one of the interactable objects here if you head to the top of the “A” in the word “Meadows”. The poster is tucked away near the exit of a building.

Rift Tour Quest Walkthrough: Retail Row Poster Location

The Retail Row poster can be found just to the north of the second “R” in the landmark’s name on the map.

It can be found near the entrance to the “Noms” grocery store.

Rift Tour Quest Walkthrough: Lazy Lake Poster Location

Lazy Lake is already covered in advertisements for various cars, which makes finding the Rift Tour poster here feel a bit like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, you can find it a little courtyard just above the “Y” in “Lazy.”

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