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Why Jeff Bezos girlfriend leo is Trend? Lauren Sanchez and Leonardo DiCaprio story : Jeff Bezos jokingly threatens Leonardo DiCaprio after video surfaces of the actor talking to Bezos’ girlfriend

Jeff Bezos responds to viral video of girlfriend Lauren Sanchez gazing at Leonardo DiCaprio Jeff Bezos has jokingly responded to a viral video of his girlfriend interacting with Leonardo DiCaprio with a message for the actor. Over the weekend, the Amazon founder and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez attended the LACMA Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles, […]

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(NASDAQ:TSLA) : Tesla Stock Is Falling ! Elon Musk faces a $15 billion tax bill and Kimbal Musk Sells

Elon Musk Should Sell 10% of His Tesla Stock ? Elon Musk will sell $21bn worth of Tesla shares if Twitter followers agree Technology mogul will abide by result of poll and pay taxes on proceeds of sale of 10% of his stock in electric car Elon Musk on Saturday asked his 62.5 million followers […]

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Elon Musk WFP : Elon Musk willing to sell $6billion in Tesla stock if UN and World Food Programme shows how it will solve world hunger

Elon Musk WFP Elon Musk offers $6billion if UN shows how it will solve world hunger Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, has said he will sell six billion dollars (£4.4 billion) worth of Tesla stock and donate the proceeds to the United Nations’ food agency if it can show how the money […]