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List of Cafeland Celebrities You Can Invite + How Do You Earn Coins in the Game

Last 2016, GAMEGOS’ Cafeland – World Kitchen reached the hearts of gamers who aspire to be chefs and wish to run a cafe in the future. It’s currently one of the most exciting cooking games, apart from Cooking Dash. To make your game experience more exciting, you’ll meet various Cafeland Celebrities to help you gain extra experience and so much more. You’ll learn all about them below.

Cafeland Gameplay

To make this possible, you must do various quests and objectives to gain experiences and in-game currency for you to unlock decorations, equipment, and dishes. Another way to get more experience, cards, and ingredients is by inviting celebrities to your cafe.

It’s Time to Invite Cafeland Celebrity Customers

As you progress in Cafeland World Kitchen, you will get a chance to unlock celebrities who can visit your cafe. You can usually access them through the “VIP” option of the game, and you’ll need to spend some coins to invite a specific celebrity to your bistro. 

Complete List of Celebrities to Watch Out For

So, here’s the list of the some Cafeland celebrities you can invite to your restaurant along with the time frame you need to wait before they arrive at your restaurant.

Carolyn Sunroe – 1 minute
Cafeman – 2 minutes
Kimberly Dash – 5 minutes
Cleopatra – 10 minutes
Jones Band – 15 minutes
Angry Chef – Random
Cherish Pilton – 15 minutes
Queen Elixandra – 15 minutes
John Sparrow – 15 minutes
Brianna – 20 minutes
Garen the Wise – 30 minutes
Leo Ronido – Random
Sentiri – 1 hour
Sentiri – 1 hour
Bruce Bee – 1 hour
Julius Caesar – 1 hour
Bronn Jam – 20 minutes
Thauriel – 1 minute
Wolf Paws – Random
Miss Dreamer – Random
Moon Walker – Random
Forceful Lady – 1 minute
Mad Scientist – Random
Amazon Princess – 1 hour
Queen of Lizards – 1 minute
Good Girl Doruby – 5 minutes
Kitt Berry – 10 minutes
Ley Jenno – 2 minutes
Opera H. – 30 minutes
Sir Glamton Rock – 15 minutes
Eddie Mars – 20 minutes
Giorgio Custard – 12 minutes
Martin Costman – 5 minutes
Lady Liberty – 20 minutes
The Catfather – 10 minutes
Creepy Clown – 30 minutes

Cafeland Level Up

Another way to earn in Cafeland is by completing achievements and leveling up. Once you level up in Cafeland, you’ll be able to get a considerable amount of coins for your hard work. But, if you are a pay-to-win player, you can spend real cash and acquire more coins from the available packages from the cash shop.

How Do You Earn Coins in Cafeland

Coins are used to buy furniture, kitchen equipment, and to expand your café. They’re usually earned from the customers that come in. When customers purchase the foods you make or from your vending machine, they pay you in coins. If they’re happy with your service, they also leave behind tips. One of the fastest ways to earn coins in this game is by serving only the dish that costs more.

This will result in the customers paying you with more coins since you’re only serving expensive dishes or drinks. So that’s one of the best ways to earn coins. Of course, this method will still require time, so you still can’t expect to earn millions of coins quickly. Another way to earn coins is by completing achievements. Cafeland offers plenty of achievements for you to complete and they usually reward you with plenty of coins.

Leveling up is another way for you to earn coins quickly. You usually get a huge amount of coins whenever you level up in the game. But these things take time. If you don’t feel like waiting, probably the best way to get more coins is by spending real money. Cafeland has several packages and deals available for you to take advantage of.

Other Ways To Earn Coins in Cafeland

There is also another way for you to earn lots of coins in Cafeland and that is with the help of a third-party provider. There are many different websites out there that offer Cafeland hacks, which can help you earn tons of coins. With these hacks, coins won’t even be a problem anymore in this simulation game. Of course, the challenge here is to make sure that the hacks you are using are legitimate and safe.

Once you complete a survey, you earn points. When you have enough points already, you can then redeem them for various rewards. One such reward that you can get would be Cafeland coins or cash. The site will basically allow you to have instant access to coins and cash, thus effectively making them unlimited. It’s a great way to earn free coins quickly without spending any real money.

How to level up quickly in CafeLand?

You can complete quests, talk to customers, clean up, cook, and so on. Once you earn enough experience, you will level up. Try to rush through levels as quickly as you can in order to get the most out of the game. A lot of Cafeland’s content are locked behind level requirements.

What are quests in Cafeland?

Quests allow you to collect XP, coins, special dishes, themed decorations and other prizes in the game. Most of the quests are not timed and may be completed within the user’s pace. However, some quests can be completed only within a limited period of time.

What are parties in Cafeland?

Hearts can be spent to throw parties in your cafe, which lasts for 120 seconds. Each party gives your cafe a different theme (decorations on the edges of the cafe, wall decorations, wall topper and customer clothing). Throwing parties give partyware, which unlocks other parties.

How long does it take for food to spoil in Cafeland?

For food that takes longer, it will spoil in half of the cooking time. The exception is food that takes up to 30 minutes, which will take 10 minutes to one hour to spoil. For example, if it takes an hour for a food to cook you have an hour to serve it or it will spoil.

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