Nintendo Switch Sports Review: How to play solo? When will more sports be added

Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is the latest entry in the Wii series of games, despite not having “Wii” in its title. The game was released on April 29, 2022.

How to Play Solo Nintendo Switch Sports?

Solo Play makes it so that CPU Sportsmates instead fill these spots and roles, acting as the Solo Player’s teammates throughout the match. Excluded from this is the sport Bowling, which sees players compete against their own set high score rather than against other CPUs.

Switch Sports – You Can Switch to Local Multiplaye rThe “Play Locally” option acts not just as dedicated menu for Solo Players, but for players who wish to play with other individuals on the same console via Local Multiplayer. When players wish to turn this setting off, they only need to select the number of players who will play when prompted upon choosing a Sport to play in.

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription or would just like to hone your skills more, you can play against CPUs in Single Player mode. This applies for all games, so you can enjoy every sport all on your own and battle against computer-controlled players.

Swtich Sports – Choose CPUs DifficutyWhen playing against CPU players, you can select their skill level and pump up the difficulty if you want to take on a tougher opponent.

You can choose between Normal, Strong, and Powerhouse. These options are available in solo play for all sports!

Switch Sports – No Cosmetics or Ranks Are EarnedTwo things absent from Solo Play but are available in Online Multiplayer via Matchmaking are earning both Cosmetic Pieces and Ranks. Solo Players will strictly be ony able to play the available Sports against CPUs without the added benefit of receiving rewards for their play.

Cosmetics pieces, however, can be used to visually customize your character in Solo Play. This requires players to participate in Online Matches to earn them first, however, before they can be used to customize a character’s appearance for Solo.

How is Nintendo Switch Sports Gameplay?

Nintendo Switch Sports is set in a fictional multi-sport facility named Spocco Square, which contains three sports from previous installments (tennis and bowling from Wii Sports and swordplay from Wii Sports Resort; known as chambara within the game), and three new sports (association football, volleyball, and badminton). Another sport from a previous installment, golf, was announced as well, and will be issued in a free update sometime in late 2022.

Players utilize the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con in a similar manner to the other Wii Sports games, positioning them in a manner resembling the actual sport. The gyroscope functionality embedded within the Joy-Con are used to simulate motion in-game, compared to the usage of the Wii Remote (and occasionally the Nunchuk) to simulate motion in the other games in the series.

Alongside Miis, new avatars called “Sportsmates” have been introduced, which have detailed hair and faces as well as arms and legs. Additionally, the Leg Strap accessory introduced in Ring Fit Adventure will be included in the physical copy of the game and will be usable in Football. At launch the leg strap will only work for Football Shootout-Mode but an update launching sometime this summer will add the functionality to use the leg strap for Football matches.

The game has multiplayer available both locally on the same system and online. Online allows play with friends and random matchmaking.

When Will More Sports Be Added To Nintendo Switch Sports

Switch Sports has six games inside it: bowling, badminton, volleyball, chambara, tennis, and soccer which is only one more than the five included in the entirely free-to-play Wii Sports and six less than the 12 in Wii Sports Resort. Although Switch Sports‘ games are fun, many are waiting anxiously for new games to be announced as DLC.

It’s been confirmed that more games will be coming, but so far, most details about them are vague and many remain unconfirmed. If you’re worried about the lack of content in Switch Sports, hold onto the hope that more games will be coming for free later down the line.

Currently, there’s only one more game that’s been confirmed to be coming to Switch Sports. When Switch Sports was initially announced, Nintendo showcased all six of the games within it and promised that golf would be added later down the line in Fall 2022 as free DLC. Unfortunately, there aren’t any more confirmed details regarding content updates to the game right now, but a leak has given fans more ideas as to what’s to come in the future.

The leak that happened in March suggests that both basketball and dodgeball will be coming to Nintendo Switch Sports as DLC some point later as well. If they’re following the same format as golf, they’ll likely be free additions. Some have speculated that all three games will launch at the same time in one big content update similar to previous major Nintendo game additions, but that isn’t confirmed. Take the leak with a grain of salt.

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