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The Benefits of Being A Personal Fitness Trainer

How do I become a personal trainer in NYC?

Personal training in New York is big business – just ask all the celebrity personal trainers that make one heck of a good living here.

New York’s own David Kirsch, who has celebrity clients like Heidi Klum and Terri Walsh, charges $400 for a house call and is also rumored to train European socialites worth billions. If you have aspirations of becoming the next David Kirsch, then New York is definitely the place to be.

Many high-profile celebrity trainers have discovered that New York rivals California in terms of fitness-focused residents, and the salaries of personal trainers here reflects this trend. In fact, New York’s personal trainers are the highest paid in the nation.

How can I become a personal trainer without a degree?

Technically, you do not need a college degree to become a successful personal trainer. All you need to start your new life as a personal trainer is personal trainer certification. Most personal trainer certification courses do require you to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Even though you do not technically need a college degree to become a well-respected personal trainer, attaining one does give you more credibility in the industry. A bachelor’s degree in exercise science or another health and wellness-focused degree will start you off on the right foot in your new career as a personal trainer.

How do you become a personal fitness trainer online?

With so many moving parts and software to choose from, launching your online fitness business can feel overwhelming! Where should you start?

At the Personal Trainer Development Center, we see people who overthink this all the time.

You know you’re qualified, and maybe you know others who’ve launched their online business.

But you’re hesitant, unsure, and worried about a thousand things.