New York Rangers

Do people call the New York Rangers the rags?

The New York Rangers are often referred to by detractors as the “Rag$.” It is a name that demeans the team and uses a dollar sign to poke at the fact that the Rangers used to spend tons of money on key free agents.

The team has done a good job drafting and procuring a youth movement and while they still sparingly add free agents, this nickname is very unappealing to the fans.

New York Rangers Islanders: “The Ice-Landers”

This is a nickname commonly used by Steve Somers of WFAN 660 to describe the franchise. He may be the only person to use it and it is a pretty unappealing nickname.

The team plays out on Long Island and hockey is played on ice. The combination of the two words is pretty close in pronunciation to the team’s official name

This nickname doesn’t have the same ring to it like the when he calls the New York Mets “The Metropolitans,” but it is still kinda unappealing if you’re an Islander fan.