The Most Successful and Valuable eSports Teams of Recent Years

eSports has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry, with professional gamers competing for glory and millions in prize money. At the forefront of this digital revolution are premier organizations like TSM, 100 Thieves, and Team Liquid.

This guide explores the most valuable eSports teams and the secrets to their success:

Top Teams and Their Strategies:

TSM (North America)


Founded in 2009, TSM boasts a staggering valuation of $540 million. This success can be attributed to a lucrative naming rights deal with FTX crypto exchange, alongside their innovative ventures. Their training app (Blitz) helps aspiring gamers hone their skills, while the Dyno bot streamlines moderation for Discord servers, showcasing their commitment to the wider gaming community.

100 Thieves (North America)

100 Thieves
100 Thieves

Established in 2017, 100 Thieves has seen phenomenal growth, reaching a valuation of $460 million within five years. This lifestyle brand and gaming organization has cleverly leveraged its popularity beyond the competitive realm. Partnering with renowned brands like Adidas for apparel has further boosted their revenue and reach, demonstrating the potential for eSports teams to become mainstream cultural forces.

Team Liquid (Netherlands)

Team Liquid
Team Liquid

Established in 2000, Team Liquid is a pioneer in eSports. Their multi-regional presence, featuring teams across Europe, North and South America, and Asia, has garnered them a massive following. Their estimated value sits at $440 million. This global approach allows them to tap into a wider talent pool and cater to a broader audience.

FaZe Clan (North America)


Founded in 2010, FaZe Clan is a global phenomenon, transcending eSports to become a mainstream brand. Their popularity translates to a $400 million valuation. FaZe Clan started as a group of content creators who rose to fame through trickshot videos and montages. They’ve skillfully parlayed their online presence into lucrative sponsorships and merchandise deals, proving the power of cultivating a passionate fanbase. A recent acquisition by GameSquare, a publicly traded company, paves the way for further growth and potential for even bigger ventures.

Cloud9 (North America)


Founded in 2013, Cloud9 has expanded beyond its League of Legends roots. Their $380 million valuation is fueled by sponsorships, merchandise, and content creation across platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Cloud9 actively cultivates a strong online presence, not just through competitive victories but also through entertaining content. Their YouTube channel boasts millions of subscribers, generating additional revenue and fostering a closer connection with fans.

G2 Esports (Germany)


Established in 2014, G2 eSports is a European powerhouse, valued at $340 million. Their massive online viewership exceeding 100 million hours reflects their popularity. With plans to expand to the US and Asia, G2 is poised for further growth. G2 understands the importance of engaging with fans beyond just in-game performance. Their entertaining content and charismatic players have helped them build a loyal following globally.

Gen.G (South Korea)


Established in 2017, Gen.G is a leading Asian eSports organization, valued at $250 million. Their impressive streaming viewership (over 70 million hours) and global presence with offices in the US and China solidify their position as a top contender. Recognizing the potential of the Asian market, Gen.G has established a strong foothold in the region. Their global operations allow them to compete effectively on a worldwide stage.

T1 (South Korea)


Founded in 2004, T1 (formerly SK Telecom T1) is a dominant force in eSports, particularly League of Legends. Their consistent performance in major tournaments and estimated valuation of $220 million solidify their place among the elite. T1 has built a legacy of excellence in League of Legends, consistently contending for championships. Their dedication to a specific game has resulted in a highly skilled and successful team.

Esports Team Rankings (Highest Overall Team Earnings)

Team Liquid$49,283,321.902809 Tournaments
OG$38,400,932.44190 Tournaments
Team Spirit$30,181,527.40246 Tournaments
Evil Geniuses$28,567,246.661018 Tournaments
Natus Vincere$21,829,474.99773 Tournaments
Fnatic$20,572,731.421147 Tournaments
Team Secret$20,493,522.51418 Tournaments$20,089,951.99672 Tournaments
FaZe Clan$19,935,591.98750 Tournaments
Paris Saint-Germain Esports$19,354,315.30174 Tournaments
G2 Esports$16,332,398.12729 Tournaments
Vici Gaming$15,755,413.30317 Tournaments
LGD Gaming$15,710,867.24223 Tournaments
Invictus Gaming$15,201,327.31628 Tournaments
Newbee$14,230,154.91236 Tournaments
T1$13,989,987.17495 Tournaments
Cloud9$13,889,160.361049 Tournaments
All Gamers$12,553,882.62161 Tournaments
eStar Gaming$12,540,784.23133 Tournaments
OpTic Gaming$12,306,624.30413 Tournaments
Team SoloMid$11,888,138.35985 Tournaments
Tundra Esports$10,638,067.8164 Tournaments
Astralis$10,613,981.68206 Tournaments
Gen.G Esports$10,058,002.49206 Tournaments
Wings Gaming$9,746,079.7228 Tournaments
Nova eSports$9,613,748.13133 Tournaments
Vitality$8,879,722.08443 Tournaments
Royal Never Give Up$8,685,719.72154 Tournaments
Ninjas in Pyjamas$8,497,629.08499 Tournaments
SK Gaming$8,373,350.63798 Tournaments
MOUZ$8,133,817.591319 Tournaments
Wolves Esports$8,042,833.1093 Tournaments
Alliance$7,513,961.23427 Tournaments
Team Envy$7,503,894.43439 Tournaments
NRG Esports$7,383,028.22598 Tournaments
Weibo Gaming$7,271,324.7969 Tournaments
EDward Gaming$7,250,273.91194 Tournaments
World Elite$6,692,790.53336 Tournaments
Complexity Gaming$5,958,979.58820 Tournaments
Gambit Esports$5,847,051.97277 Tournaments
Team Falcons$5,840,762.19251 Tournaments
Qiao Gu Reapers$5,767,621.9030 Tournaments
Hero JiuJing$5,765,782.4722 Tournaments
MVP$5,761,080.77488 Tournaments
Atlanta FaZe$5,458,000.0043 Tournaments
Samsung$5,338,775.29355 Tournaments
Luminosity Gaming$5,332,849.73488 Tournaments
Counter Logic Gaming$5,315,803.15519 Tournaments
Lazarus$5,267,227.77300 Tournaments
100 Thieves$5,173,535.18299 Tournaments
Team Dignitas$5,075,225.25743 Tournaments
Team BDS$5,060,370.38175 Tournaments
Gaimin Gladiators$5,056,090.99104 Tournaments
Sentinels$4,994,780.68173 Tournaments
Chaos Esports Club$4,972,689.3592 Tournaments
ThunderTalk Gaming$4,724,004.8231 Tournaments
TnC Gaming$4,700,745.5284 Tournaments
Spacestation Gaming$4,634,293.98410 Tournaments
Four Angry Men$4,632,016.5982 Tournaments
Talon Esports$4,623,574.77174 Tournaments
Heroic$4,552,291.40164 Tournaments
FunPlus Phoenix$4,414,847.9493 Tournaments
San Francisco Shock$4,375,500.0016 Tournaments
EHOME$4,315,925.59127 Tournaments
ENCE eSports$4,240,196.27328 Tournaments
FURIA Esports$4,218,674.13311 Tournaments
Dragon Ranger Gaming$4,005,325.1240 Tournaments
Dplus$3,998,834.50113 Tournaments
Team Empire$3,985,327.59462 Tournaments
eUnited$3,976,306.69261 Tournaments
Splyce$3,927,592.51440 Tournaments
KT Rolster$3,896,457.45254 Tournaments
EVOS Esports$3,755,000.57154 Tournaments
CDEC Gaming$3,751,262.8756 Tournaments
Team Aster$3,610,967.5463 Tournaments
Soniqs$3,497,023.11108 Tournaments
Qing Jiu Club$3,345,371.42101 Tournaments
Cooler Esport$3,329,304.5444 Tournaments
Tianba$3,288,170.7472 Tournaments
Toronto Ultra$3,228,250.0259 Tournaments
MIBR$3,147,088.88221 Tournaments
BaiSha Gaming$3,145,863.3859 Tournaments
BIG$3,125,948.24494 Tournaments
JD Gaming$3,087,589.9846 Tournaments
Shanghai Dragons$2,972,750.0019 Tournaments
Rogue$2,915,096.76257 Tournaments
Top Esports$2,888,038.7948 Tournaments
Flash Wolves$2,887,491.20246 Tournaments
Ghost Gaming$2,870,168.13274 Tournaments
Turnso Gaming$2,812,900.7910 Tournaments
Jin Air Green Wings$2,796,169.32447 Tournaments
New York Subliners$2,794,548.09113 Tournaments
Rogue Warriors$2,769,043.1457 Tournaments
J Team$2,667,513.5268 Tournaments
Tribe Gaming$2,628,896.82125 Tournaments
NewHappy$2,625,625.2366 Tournaments
REJECT$2,603,021.3370 Tournaments
Team SMG$2,595,189.6677 Tournaments
Nigma Galaxy$2,589,249.85172 Tournaments
Rex Regum Qeon$2,548,656.90143 Tournaments

The Road to Success:

These top teams haven’t reached the pinnacle by accident. Here are some key strategies for success in eSports:

Building Strong Teams: Recruiting and nurturing talented players is paramount. Teams need to have a keen eye for spotting potential and fostering the development of top esports athletes.

Creating Engaging Content: Engaging fans through content creation across platforms like YouTube and Twitch fosters a loyal following. Just like traditional sports teams, eSports organizations benefit from a strong connection with their fans. High-quality content creation that goes beyond just match highlights is key to building a passionate fanbase.

Strategic Partnerships: eSports teams with large and engaged fanbases are attractive partners for major brands. This not only brings in revenue but also expands the reach of both the team and the brand.

Global Thinking: The most successful teams are breaking down geographic barriers by establishing a presence in multiple regions. This allows them to tap into a wider talent pool, cater to a broader audience, and potentially secure international sponsorships.

Building a Brand Identity: Beyond just competitive victories, eSports teams need to cultivate a strong brand identity. This can involve developing a unique visual style, fostering a positive team culture, and creating engaging content that resonates with fans.

Investing in Infrastructure: Training facilities, coaching staff, and data analysis are all crucial aspects of success in modern eSports. Teams that prioritize these investments are setting themselves up for long-term competitive advantage.

Focus on Fan Engagement: Successful teams understand that their fans are their lifeblood. Interactive streams, social media engagement, and community events help to cultivate a loyal following. By fostering a strong sense of community, teams can build lasting relationships with their fans.

The Future of eSports

The eSports industry is still in its relative infancy, but its growth trajectory is undeniable. The teams highlighted above are at the forefront of this exciting new frontier.

As the industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovation, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge technologies emerge.

For fans, this means an even more thrilling and immersive viewing experience, while for aspiring professional gamers, the dream of a lucrative career in eSports becomes increasingly attainable. One thing is certain – the future of eSports is bright.