Chris Evans

How many Ferraris Does Chris Evans own?

Evans owns ten more, including a 1961 TR61, a 1961 250 SWB California Spyder, a 1963 250 GT SWB, a 1965 275 GTS Spyder, a 1985 288 GTO, a 1990 F40 and a 2011 SA Aperta. There’s also a 246 Dino, a 250 GT Lusso and a 275 GTB quad cam in there, too.

How much is Chris Evans Ferrari collection worth?

The auction estimate was between $3.5 and 4 million. But this is not the only 275 GTB that Chris has owned, as he also had a red one. Last year, in 2020, a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB was sold online for $3.08 million.