How Has Online Roulette Improved Since Moving Online?

Some casino games seem as though they’ve been around forever and roulette definitely falls into this category. In fact, roulette has a long and fascinating history going back to the 17th or 18th century, depending on the source you check. After many years with few changes, how has the switch to online roulette pushed this classic game into a new era?

New Themes and Designs

Perhaps the most noticeable change so far has been the way that online versions of the game no longer all look like the traditional image of roulette most of us have in our heads. We’ve all seen film scenes of the roulette wheel and it’s easy to imagine that this is the only way to play, with formal clothing and in the midst of a crowd of highly excitable players and spectators.

There’s a very good reason why far more people now know about this game and have tried it at least once. The range of online roulette options makes it easy for everyone to try a game or two. Titles such as Classic European Roulette, Double Dragon Roulette, and Zoom Roulette reveal the variety now on offer in this market. These versions can be started very easily and the gameplay is incredibly simple too.

This means that the ways we can now play roulette are very different from the scenes you might have watched in the past. As well as playing in the comfort of our homes, we can now also look for the themes and designs that we find most attractive. This trend is possible partly thanks to the introduction of live dealer games, where the games take place in a studio that’s been designed to fit the theme and where the dealer is kitted out to fit in too.

That’s not the only change though, as game developers have added themes like art deco, sports, and even pop to their unique versions of the game. With many developers creating games, the market has diversified enormously and the idea of a single way of playing roulette has disappeared into the past.

Added Features and Varied Gameplay

It would be wrong to think that the presentation is the only change that has been introduced to the roulette category since going online. Some of the most eye-catching online versions of the casino game also include new features or bonuses that are breathing new life into the game. 

These include randomly applied multipliers and new bet types. At heart, roulette remains a very simple game of trying to predict where a ball will land once the wheel stops spinning. Despite this, the recent changes make it feel different, giving a fresh sense of appeal for new and existing players.

It’s still possible to simply put a chip on your favorite number, but players who prefer to dig more deeply can also find new ways to play that might be of greater interest to them. Players can now find easier ways to fund their online gambling too, with secure crypto wallets and e-wallets among the popular options.  

Easier for Players to Find Strategies and Other Kinds of Help

In the past, a newcomer to the roulette wheel could easily feel daunted about going to the table and placing their first-ever bet. The complex-looking nature of the betting table and the assurance with which more experienced players place their chips would be enough to put off anyone who wasn’t feeling completely at ease. Yet, the easy access to online rules and other forms of help means that even a complete novice can now head to the roulette table with a spring in their step and hope in their heart.

The first thing a new roulette player can do online is find out about the different versions of the game. At this point, they’re going to learn a valuable lesson when they spot that the American game has a single zero as well as a double zero on the wheel. On the other hand, European games only feature a single zero. This seemingly minor difference creates a major difference in how the house edge works out. 

In this way, newcomers may find that the simplest strategy is to look for European games with a substantially lower house edge. If they’re feeling more ambitious, they may also look at progressive systems like Martingale and Fibonacci as a way of boosting their chances further. As for the exact rules, they are shown in the help section of each game so there’s no need to start playing without this knowledge. 

All of these changes have played a part in expanding the appeal of this classic casino game, while it has retained much of the simplicity that has made it so popular for so long. Expect to see roulette continue to play a big part in the online entertainment industry as new versions are created and features are added to make it something more people want to try.