Franchise Trend Gathering Pace in the Online Casino Industry

There’s a new hot trend of franchised series within the online casino industry. Developers have found that capitalizing on a popular IP is one of the best ways to attract new and returning players.

Slot franchises are also now expanding beyond the reel-spinning games and into other categories. In the future, they may follow the same trajectory as console games and gain representation in other media as well.

Many Slots Now Come as a Series

Slots players who have enjoyed the games for many years will know they come in an eclectic mix of titles and genres. The idea is to attract as many player types as possible, and the real money online casino NJ games lists reflect this. There are titles like In The Rabbit Hole for fantasy fans, Cleopatra Grand for history buffs, and Doggy Riches Megaways for people in search of cartoony animals with money to spend. Whatever type of game you are looking for, you can trust that it will be on a modern slot page.

Along with all these standalone games, there’s an emerging trend of popular games being transformed into series. This often happens when a developer comes up with a winning character that players can get behind. NetEnt has pioneered this movement, and one of its most loved characters now is Finn. There are numerous games to choose from in the Finn series, including Finn’s Golden Tavern and Finn and the Swirly Spin. The games are instantly recognizable, and new titles can easily appeal to people who played the previous offerings.

Franchises Breaking Out Into Other Game Categories

Another trend that is likely to gather pace in the online casino industry over the next few years is for slot game franchises to break out into other casino game categories. Due to the rise of live streaming in recent times, live table games are now hugely popular.

The live offerings at online casinos now go way beyond traditional table games, and various themes are available. Slots franchises can offer their table games or even branch out into specialized game show-style offerings. Various games could inspire these, including Crazy Coin Flip and Dream Catcher.

May Soon Appear in Other Media

With casino game franchises now expanding in new ways, it may not be too long before they start breaking into other media. This has happened with console games recently, with some of the best shows on streaming platforms based on classic games.

The Last of Us was released on HBO Max in 2023 and was met with critical acclaim. The Pedro Pascal-led offering has started a trend now, with Amazon’s Fallout adaptation the latest hugely popular game-related show. With slots attracting players from all over the world, a television series based on one of the characters from these games wouldn’t be out of the question.

It’s clear that players are enjoying the franchise craze at online casinos, and developers are expanding their most popular series in new and exciting ways. It may not be long before some of the top offerings are represented on television.