Are Casino Superstitions Making Their Way To Online Gambling?

Superstitions have been a part of our lives throughout history and it seems like they are here to stay. There hasn’t been a time when superstitions were absent from the daily lives of many individuals. We have proof of that on almost every corner. 

For example, there are lucky and unlucky numbers, the lucky number three or seven, and thirteen being the unlucky one for some. There are also actions to be taken to avoid bad luck, such as throwing water after someone for good luck or throwing salt over your shoulder to avoid jinx. 

Taking all this into account, it is no wonder superstitions are still a big part of our lives, especially in gambling when people are in need of good fortune. Although in traditional gambling, we have lots of lucky rituals like kissing or blowing the dice, did these superstitions transfer to online gambling, too?

Do superstitions make sense in the online world?

The answer to this question can be anything you want. Factually, the answer is no. Most online casinos have algorithms that do not allow any outside interference and ensure fairness. This is especially true for crypto casinos. Due to the additional factor of using crypto for deposits and winnings, the whole process is more secure than the case with fiat currencies. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with online gamblers, while Ethereum comes in a strong second place. 

Casinos like Bitcoin Casino LTD use random number generators to guarantee unbias in all their machines. The algorithms used are extremely sophisticated and no external forces can interfere with the randomness they provide. More and more people are opting for crypto gambling. The main reason for this is the security of payments that crypto provides. Anonymity and transaction speed are also stimulating factors. Plus, there is a certain feeling of safety in the fact that no government can impact the value of cryptocurrencies.

However, this is the scientific aspect that also stands when it comes to traditional gambling. It is not like shaking the dice three times before throwing takes care of you getting your desired numbers. The law of probability clearly states it does not impact the odds. Nevertheless, people still believe in superstitions and do their little rituals regardless of how pointless they may seem to others. 

Login at a certain time

In the absence of a physical space to enter when they wish to gamble, some online gamblers decide to log in at a certain time they consider lucky for a successful session. For some people, it is the result of research they conducted – they gather all their successful online sessions and conclude that a certain time of the day is the optimum time to play. On the other hand, some people just have a lucky number (or several) and choose some combination of them to form the time when they would start their sessions.

Creating the perfect setting

While customers at brick-and-mortar casinos have their favorite table, chair, or playlist, online gamblers also have their desired atmosphere. It could be a certain room, chair, light combination, and also playlist that is thought to bring good fortune. Therefore, many gamblers first work on setting the right mood for their gambling session for a maximum probability of success. 

Lucky patterns

Superstitious rituals vary and there are so many possibilities. Moreover, people tend to get quite creative when designing them. The funny thing is that they usually happen spontaneously, after which they are adopted and used on a regular basis. A ritual can also be the way you press the buttons on your keyboard. The number of times a button is pressed or the whole pattern in the way certain buttons are pressed and using which fingers, there are many options here and people usually adopt some sort of a pattern, even subconsciously.  However, they usually continue to use that exact pattern for luck and confidence. 

Pre-game rituals

There are no limitations to what constitutes a pre-game ritual. For some people, it is simply playing their favorite song before they start playing, while others are more complex, like eating a certain meal, doing a number of physical steps or exercising, talking to specific people, or wearing special clothes. 

When someone has a pre-game ritual, it is often the case that the ritual keeps expanding over time. It may start with a favorite song, later it starts being followed by a dance, maybe add eating your favorite chocolate bar, perhaps the phone rang and your friend called once mid-game that brought you success, so now you include that friend in the pre-game ritual. It is all fine as long as you don’t go too far. A simple ritual can do no harm, just boost your confidence.

Avoiding jinx

Despite that some superstitions in the world of online gambling are completely new, others were simply able to be transferred and adapted to the online world. One example of such a superstition is counting cash while at the table. Similarly, a player should never check their bankroll mid-play, otherwise, it is believed to bring bad luck.

Reciting incantations

This often happens accidentally and spontaneously before it becomes an actual ritual. It is born when a great win happens when you have said some words beforehand. These words are then repeated before each critical moment during playing. On the other hand, some people strategically think of mantras and incantations to recite for good luck.