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How do you play the game Occupation? What is the story in the game?

Welcome to The Occupation walkthrough and guide. The Occupation is an adventure game that sees you play a journalist who must find evidence by stealthily exploring different areas and questioning NPC actions in interviews.

Developed by the team behind the well-received Ether One, the world you inhabit in The Occupation operates on a time limit and doesn’t feature mid-chapter saving, so you must do what you do need to do quickly, or start over. Multiple solutions are possible.

This comprehensive walkthrough and guide will help you progress through the world of The Occupation, offering multiple approaches to problems along the way. It also details the various endings of the game and helps you achieve your desired one.

How do you play the game Occupation?

To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent.

The Occupation is a story-driven stealth-adventure game that rewards repeat plays even if it can also, at times, feel hostile to the idea of enabling you to delve into its narrative nooks and crannies. It tells a mature, challenging story that is both overtly political and ambiguous enough to leave plenty to interpretation, while its core stealth mechanics deliver a suitably tense experience.

Your role is to uncover evidence as a journalist by sneaking through restricted areas and questioning people on their actions through a series of one-on-one interviews. All this takes place in a detailed, systems-driven world where people will react to your actions and where time is your biggest enemy.

At White Paper Games, we focus on worlds that feel lived in through non-linear spaces and objectives that can be solved with multiple approaches. We love games with a strong narrative drive that tackle important social issues and aim to set that standard within our own work.

We understand not everyone plays for the deeper narrative experience, and for those that like the idea of trespassing, breaking into secure locations and hacking 4 digit codes, we have plenty of rule breaking opportunities to take advantage of in the world of The Occupation.

Wherever you live, the chances are you’re in a country that could be run a little better, where trust may be feeling a little low. You may not care how their decisions impact you and you instead continue with your daily life ignoring the distracting scaremongering. Or, you may be actively involved in trying to create true change. We love that, in most countries, people have a choice in this, and that’s how we wanted to approach The Occupation’s gameplay design. The world is open for you to explore and it’s up to you what threads you find interesting and wish to follow in the world.

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What is the story in the Occupation?

The game does not have a health bar or energy system, when the game needs to punish the player it does so by using up the player’s time, for example if a player is caught doing something they should not, they are taken to a security office and lose 15 minutes of game time, which shortens the time available to achieve the main aim of the game, obtaining knowledge

Prior to the start of the game; a terrorist attack has killed 23 people and led the British Government to create The Union Act, a “controversial act which threatens the civil liberties of the British population.”

The game’s plot starts at 3:27 PM on 24 October 1987. The player character is a journalist that is researching The Union Act, players have freedom of choice on how to act; become a whistle blowing journalist fighting against the act, or do nothing as the game progresses on its own.

What makes The Occupation unique is that most of its levels are set against a real-time clock. While there are a couple of smaller flashback levels that aren’t timed, the main chapters see Miller arrive at a facility an hour before his scheduled interview time, allowing him to wander into staff-only areas and eavesdrop on conversations in an effort to develop multiple lines of questioning and gather evidence for the allotted interview, all while the time on his digital ‘80s-era wrist watch continues to march on.

How you spend the allocated time is entirely up to you. You can make every minute count, rifling through filing cabinets for phone records, pulling passwords from post-it notes in order to access personal emails, tripping fuse boxes to knock out alarms, and chasing down each and every lead to ensure you’re armed with enough intel to confidently interrogate your interview subject at the chapter’s end.

Or, you can pull up a chair in the building’s foyer and while away the minutes listening to the security guard hilariously spout classic movie lines to himself, unaware he has an audience. The Occupation’s story progresses regardless of how many lines of investigation you pursue, but the more efficiently you make use of your time the more options you’re presented at each chapter’s climax, which adds a palpable sense of urgency to almost every moment.

Tips and Tricks of the Occupation
  • If you are caught somewhere you’re not supposed to be and don’t vacate immediately, you will be given a warning (leaving immediately will generally get you off the hook). If you’re caught twice, you’ll have your briefcase and casette player removed; if you’re caught three times, you will be removed from the area and continue on to the next area, preventing you from getting the “best” outcome.
  • Using the options menu will pause time. Otherwise, it will pass as normal.
    You can store items in your briefcase by opening it.
  • Keep subtitles enabled to be made more aware of environmental cues, like guards catching on to your position or deciding to leave the area.
  • Use the lift to save precious time.
  • Chairs and desks make good hiding spots.
How long is the occupation game?

The Occupation by White Paper Games stands out among the single-player games due to their unique approach towards the length of their game: it is finite, and exactly four hours. Being unable to end the game any earlier or later than four hours initially sets the player in a confined state of mind.

What is the occupation about PS4?

The Occupation is a single-player video game developed by White Paper Games and released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on 5 March 2019. The game takes place in a single government building, in real-time over four hours.

How do you play the game Occupation?

Everyone sits in a circle. Have each player write down an occupation on a slip of paper, fold it, and put it in the basket without telling or showing anyone what’s on it. (The occupations can be real or invented, silly or serious.

What is the story in the occupation?

The Occupation is a first-person investigative game that takes place in 1987 in Northwest England. You play as a journalist who’s investigating The Union Act, a controversial act that is said to threaten the freedom and liberties of the people and was expedited after a terrorist attack took place.

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