Xingqiu The Best Genshin Impact Build: Abilities, Constellations & Team Comp

Since the day Genshin Impact launched, Xingqiu has been a staple of some of the best Genshin Impact build. The Hydro Sword user seems rather unassuming given his lack of power as a standalone unit, but he thrives when others do the heavy hitting for him. Here we say everything about Xingqiu Genshin Impact build

Xingqiu The Best Genshin Impact Build

Xingqiu is a hydro-sword-wielding character who is best suited to a sub DPS role. We recommend using him in a team with Genshin Impact’s Razor, as he can help trigger electro-charged, which will provide some much needed additional physical damage.

Xingqiu abilities in Genshin Impact

Normal Attack: Guhua Style
Normal Attack: Xingqiu performs up to five rapid strikes.
Charged Attack: Xingqiu consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash two rapid sword strikes.
Plunging Attack: Xingqiu plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
We’re going to keep it real ⁠— you’ll likely never need to use any of Xingqiu’s attacks. You only ever really swap onto him to collect energy particles for his Burst, or to use his skill.

If you want to swing in a couple of normal attacks for DPS while doing so feel free, but you don’t need to learn his best attack string (N1C, one normal attack into a charged attack) as he thrives as an off-field support.

Elemental Skill: Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen
Xingqiu performs twin strikes with his sword, dealing Hydro DMG. At the same time, this ability creates the maximum number of Rain Swords, which will orbit your active character.

Xingqiu’s skill also heals allies when the swords dissipate. This makes healing in a pinch easy. If you’re in need of a heal in the middle of nowhere, just use it, swap to the character who needs healing, and wait for it to time out.

Elemental Burst: Guhua Sword: Raincutter
Xingqiu’s burst allows you to fight using an illusory sword rain, while creating the maximum number of Rain Swords. The ability activates when a character normal attacks ⁠— it won’t activate on charged or plunging attacks.

These swords will rain down on targets when you attack, dealing Hydro DMG and setting up for Elemental Reactions. You can only ‘cast’ the swords once per second, so high attack speed characters can’t just abuse that. However, it’s great to get Vaporize or Freeze comps going.

Xingqiu Constellations

Constellation 2 For Hydro Resistance Debuff
With Constellation 2, Xingqiu will be able to reduce the Hydro resistance of enemies hit by his sword rain attacks effectively boosting not only Xingqiu’s personal damage but also the team through Hydro reactions.

Constellation 6 For Highest Increase In DPS
Xingqiu is a high investment character even with his constellations. Having him at C6 will optimize him to deal even biggest damage with every use of his Skill and Burst. He is usable even without constellation, but he shines best at C6.

Best artifacts: Emblem of Severed Fate
Alternative: 2 pieces from Noblesse Oblige and 2 pieces from Heart of Depth

Like many of Genshin’s sub-DPS fighters, Xingqiu’s best artifacts depend on what abilities you’re using the most. If you’re going to rely on his Elemental Burst, using a 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set will increase your Energy Recharge by 20% and increase your Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of your Energy Recharge. Otherwise, if you’re prioritizing Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill (or using his abilities equally), you’ll want to stick with a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige and 2-piece Heart of Depth set — when combined, these two nifty sets will leave your Xingqiu with a 20% Elemental Burst DMG and a 15% Hydro DMG Bonus.

For Xingqiu’s artifacts, you’re going to want to prioritize the Energy Recharge, ATK%, and Hydro DMG Bonus stats and substats. Having a nice balance of CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG can help, too, though your priority should be Energy Recharge. Here’s an example of the balance you’ll want to strike:

Circlet of Logos: ATK
Sands of Eon: Energy Recharge
Goblet of Eonothem: Hydro DMG Bonus
Substats: CRITs and Energy Recharge

Xingqiu Builds

Standard Build
4-piece Noblesse Oblige or 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate
Flower, Feather, ATK% or Energy Recharge, Hydro DMG Bonus%, Crit Rate or DMG%

Sub-DPS Build
4-piece Noblesse Oblige or 4-piece Heart of Depth or 2-piece Heart of Depth and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale
Flower, Feather, ATK%, Hydro DMG Bonus%, Crit Rate or DMG%

Recommended Energy Recharge: 180%-200%

Xingqiu is considered an excellent support in Genshin Impact for Pyro-oriented teams. He can fit into any teams that require a Hydro applier, such as Diluc, Yoimiya, and Hu Tao teams. Xingqiu is important for Pyro-oriented teams because they rely mostly on vaporized reaction damage.

Xingqiu is also suitable for some Freeze team comps, such as Ayaka team comps. Xingqiu’s elemental skill and burst apply Hydro so fast that he is irreplaceable in the game. As well as applying Hydro, Xingqiu can also pull out some decent damage numbers as well. He is single-handedly carrying the entire Pyro roster because of how good he is. Xingqiu is also one of the core characters of the massively popular National teams.

Even though he is a 4-star character, his constellations are rare to get in Genshin Impact. Yet, Xingqiu is pretty good at C0, and he gradually becomes more powerful with each of his constellations. His sixth constellation, ‘Hence, Call Them My Own Verses’ is broken because it will generate a lot of energy whenever your Rainswords hit an enemy.

Best Teammates For Xingqiu

Currently, Xingqiu’s best pair in Genshin Impact is the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Director, Hu Tao. Hu Tao is a great DPS on her own, but Xingqiu ascends her to a whole new level. With the Guhua Disciple, Hu Tao can trigger the Vaporize reaction on almost every hit, multiplying her damage by at least 1.5 x.

If Xingqiu’s second constellation is unlocked, pair him with a Hydro DPS character like Tartaglia. Foes hit by the sword rain will take extra damage from Hydro for a short while. Two Hydro characters also activate the Soothing Water resonance, boosting healing by 30%. Again, Xingqiu shouldn’t be the main healer, but this will be a great buff to whoever is.

Other than that, one of the best Spiral Abyss team compositions in Genshin Impact, the ever-popular National Team, also includes some of the best characters to pair with Xingqiu. They are:

Raiden Shogun

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

What set is better for Xingqiu?

Xingqiu’s best artifact set in Genshin Impact, without a doubt, is Emblem of Severed Fate. Not only does it buff his Elemental Burst DMG in a 4-Piece (which is where Xingqiu really shines), it also allows him to go all in on Energy Recharge.

Is Xingqiu good Genshin Impact?

Xingqiu is a hydro-sword-wielding character who is best suited to a sub DPS role. We recommend using him in a team with Genshin Impact’s Razor, as he can help trigger electro-charged, which will provide some much needed additional physical damage.

Is Xingqiu worth building?

Xingqiu’s greatest build focuses on enhancing their support-heavy techniques. Xingqiu is a passably good healer by using both their Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill. These techniques also grant other benefits like damage reduction and shroud other attacks in the “Wet” status effect.

Is Xingqiu a girl or boy?

Xingqiu is a young man that spends a lot of time keeping up appearances. His best friend Chongyun, however, is more than aware of the boy’s true personality. Chongyun often has to put up with Xingqiu when he is acting like his true self, which often leads poor Chongyun to endure pranks.

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