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LeBron James

Who is LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James Sr. is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

  • How old is lebron james? 37 years ; born December 30, 1984
  • How tall is lebron james? 6′ 9″

Nicknamed “King James”, he is widely considered one of the greatest players ever and is often compared to Michael Jordan in debates over the greatest basketball player of all time.

What is LeBron James net worth?

After another monster year of earnings, totaling $121.2 million before taxes and agents’ fees over the last 12 months, Forbes estimates that James has officially become a billionaire while still playing hoops.

The 37-year-old superstar has a net worth of $1 billion, by Forbes’ count. James, who missed the playoffs this year for just the fourth time in 19 seasons, is the first active NBA player to make the billionaires list. (Michael Jordan, the only other basketball billionaire, didn’t hit ten figures until 2014, more than a decade after he retired, thanks to a well-timed investment in the Charlotte Hornets basketball team.)

Outside of sports, LeBron is one of the highest-earning and globally powerful celebrities on the planet. He earns more than $60-90 million per year in endorsements and has a $1 billion lifetime contract with Nike. He has parlayed his fame and wealth into a veritable business empire, with investments in a number of startups. He is a part owner of Liverpool F.C..

“It’s my biggest milestone,” James told GQ in a prophetic 2014 interview. “Obviously. I want to maximize my business. And if I happen to get it, if I happen to be a billion-dollar athlete, ho. Hip hip hooray! Oh, my God, I’m gonna be excited.”

Michael Jordan, often referred to as the greatest player to ever take the court, is the richest athlete of all time, according to an earlier Forbes article. But even he didn’t break a billion until after he had retired from the NBA. Jordan currently sits at a new worth of $1.7 billion – down from $2.1 billion in 2020 — attributed to endorsements with Nike, Gatorade and Haines as well as his investment in the Charlotte Hornets basketball team.

Here’s a look at the 10 all-time highest-earning NBA players, including both active and inactive players:

  • LeBron James: $528,992,480
  • Kevin Durant: $498,688,653
  • Stephen Curry: $470,090,010
  • Damian Lilard: $449,910,157
  • Bradley Beal: $428,874,362
  • Chris Paul: $419,909,419
  • Nikola Jokic: $419,369,513
  • Karl-Anthony Towns: $406,491,723
  • Devin Booker: $390,756,853
  • Joel Embiid: $374,516,037

LeBron James NBA

He missed the playoffs for just the fourth time in 19 seasons, but LeBron still scores as the first active NBA player to make our list.

James has won four NBA championships, four NBA MVP awards, four NBA Finals MVP awards, three All-Star MVP awards, and two Olympic gold medals. James has scored the most points in the playoffs, the most career points (playoffs and regular seasons combined), the second most regular seasons points, and has the seventh most career assists. He has been selected an NBA All-Star 18 times, to the All-NBA Team a record 18 times, and to the NBA All-Defensive First Team five times.
He has competed in ten NBA Finals, the third most all time, including eight consecutively between 2011 and 2018.
In 2021, James was selected to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team, and in 2022 became the first player in NBA history to accumulate 10,000 or more career points, rebounds, and assists.

Is LeBron richer than Jordan?

Either way, LeBron James has cemented himself as one of the richest NBA players of all time, and he could eventually eclipse Jordan’s estimated $1.7 billion net worth before his playing career even ends.

Is LeBron James Career high?

LeBron James put up his most points in a game versus the Charlotte Bobcats on March 3, 2014, with 61 points.

How can I get in contact with LeBron James?

So, if you’ve been attempting to reach out to this living icon, let’s go through the three most efficient ways to do so.
– Connect With His Management. Being the well-known sports player that he is, LeBron has a jam-packed schedule on a daily basis. …
– Through Facebook or Instagram. …
– Go Watch His Games.

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