What are the best places in the world to visit for casinos?

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Gambling has always been a popular choice for those that like to pit their wits against the odds, and most countries have developed a gaming scene to a greater or lesser extent. Even in countries where gambling is technically illegal, the advent of the internet means that players can find a way to enjoy their favourite games via offshore casinos and online gaming sites.

While there are some places that are known for their appeal to gamblers, the frequent changes in gaming legislation worldwide mean that casino fans can often find new spots to visit for a holiday with a chance to win big. There’s also plenty of casino related articles which can help to add to the experience and help players along the way. Some of the best destinations include:


China has become a global destination for those wanting to gamble, and the country’s reputation as a great place for gambling has largely been earned by Macau. Known as ‘the gambling capital of China’ in many travel related articles, this city is home to some of the world’s most impressive casinos, including:

The Venetian – the world’s biggest casino and the seventh-largest building

Wynn Palace – with over a thousand rooms and a five-star rating from Forbes

Grand Lisboa – the first Macanese casino to offer Texas hold ‘em and craps

The Parisian – a Paris-themed resort and one of four owned by Las Vegas Sands casino

MGM Cotai – housing one of the largest art collections in Macau, this building was designed to look like a jewellery box

With an annual turnover exceeding triple that of Las Vegas, Macau attracts tourists from all over the world who want to see the impressive and opulent buildings for themselves.

The United States

In many history related articles, much is made of when the state of Nevada legalised gambling to generate income after the depression, there was no way to predict that Las Vegas would go on to become a watchword for gambling all over the world. While it may not be the largest gambling city, there is certainly a lot of history in Las Vegas and millions of visitors come to sample its iconic gaming tables every year.

Some of the biggest casino operators, that have since moved into other countries to establish their gaming industries, originate in Las Vegas. Operators such as The Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace have become associated with the town with tourists flocking to the gaming floors, entertainment, and restaurants found in the resorts. The reputation of gambling Vegas far outweighs bigger cities like New York due to the history and facilities available.


Both Sydney and Melbourne are home to some of the country’s most impressive casinos and tourists travel to both to experience the thrill of gaming in Oz. Star City Casino in Sydney has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists and the Crown Casino in Melbourne now attracts more visitors than Uluru.

Some of the most imposing casinos in the Southern Hemisphere can be found in Australia, and these incorporate all the things that you would expect such as hotels, entertainment venues, nightclubs, and restaurants.

The United Kingdom

While there are casinos dotted all over the countries that make up the UK, London has established itself as a gaming capital to rival other international choices. While there may be a long history of gambling in the capital, the gaming clubs of old are making way for the kind of super-resorts that have made other international locations so appealing to gambling tourists.

The world’s oldest private gaming club now sits among more modern counterparts such as the Hippodrome, which is London’s busiest casino.


Benefiting from relatively recent changes in legislation, Singapore’s casino scene has blossomed over recent years. Since 2005, when gaming was legalised, two of the world’s biggest resorts have been built in Singapore: the Marina Bays Sands and Resorts World Sentosa.

The island itself has always attracted tourists who appreciate the chance to enjoy the ultra-modern skyscrapers and condos alongside the traditional temples and still wild areas of natural beauty.

The future of gambling tourism

The appeal of gaming is ubiquitous, with players all over the world choosing to travel to destinations that allow them to experience casino gaming in a whole new way. From those that enjoy the excitement of a game of poker to those that appreciate the ease and simplicity of the slots, casino fans can get their fix in some of the most amazing places around the world.

Some countries are going out of their way to appeal to international tourists that enjoy casino gaming. As one of the most lucrative industries in the world, offering safe and secure places for travellers to enjoy gaming is a shrewd investment that can reap significant rewards.

This means that travellers can have their pick of casinos in destinations that also offer the chance to sample their history, culture, nightlife, and a wide variety of other entertainment options.