Codcod to Shomarechi!

Change of Website Name from “codcod” to “shomarechi”

The website “codcod”, a provider of virtual numbers in Iran, has announced a name change from “codcod” (in Persian: کدکد) to “shomarechi” (in Persian: شماره چی), and a website address change from to

What Services Does “ShomareChi” Provide?

shomarechi” offers temporary foreign virtual numbers. The purpose of these temporary virtual numbers is to bypass the phone number verification step during registration on foreign websites and applications.

For instance, consider a situation where you want to sign up on a website but realize that the website does not accept Iranian phone numbers. In such cases, a possible solution is to purchase a virtual number and provide it to receive the verification code SMS.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Virtual Numbers

As recommended by the “Shomarechi” website, it’s advisable not to use virtual numbers for sensitive or important tasks. Until the foreign websites or applications accept your Iranian phone number and identity, it’s better to use your registered mobile number.

Virtual numbers are merely tools to overcome restrictions or limitations on using foreign services by Iranian users. If you choose to use a virtual number, the responsibility for using it and whether the desired website or service accepts it lies entirely with you as a user.

How can you purchase a virtual number in Iran? (in Persian: خرید شماره مجازی)

To acquire a virtual number in Iran, simply go to the “shomarechi” website using this link: