Amazon stock

What will Amazon stock be worth after split?

Amazon stock split

Amazon will still be worth about $1.3 trillion after the split takes place. The stock will still be trading for more than 150 times earnings forecasts for this year and nearly 2.5 times its estimated 2022 sales — ratios that are significantly higher than the broader stock market as well as other retail industry leaders like Walmart (WMT) and Target (TGT).

What Amazon’s Stock Split Means For Investors

Wedbush Securities Managing Director of Equity Research Michael Pachter joins Taylor Riggs to discuss Amazon’s 20-for-1 stock split and why investors care so much about it, and the departure of Amazon’s consumer chief Dave Clark.

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What is Stock split?

A stock split or stock divide increases the number of shares in a company. For example, after a 2-for-1 split, each investor will own double the number of shares, and each share will be worth half as much. A stock split causes a decrease of market price of individual shares, but does not change the total market capitalization of the company: stock dilution does not occur.

A company may split its stock when the market price per share is so high that it becomes unwieldy when traded. One of the reasons is that a very high share price may deter small investors from buying the shares. Stock splits are usually initiated after a large run up in share price.

When was the last time Amazon stock split?

It split 2-for-1 in 1998, 3-for-1 in January 1999, and 2-for-1 in September 1999.