Responsible Gambling: Three Ways to Stay in Control at Online Casinos

We all know that online casino gaming is a form of gambling. But while the word “gambling” has negative connotations for some, the primary purpose is to have fun. Of course, this is a positive emotion, and it’s the one that all online casino gamers should hold closest to their hearts when using top casino sites. On that note, be sure to check for more information on these leading sites before you dive in at the deep end.

There are specific reasons why we are referencing the “top casino sites” too. These sites not only have the best games, but they also have some of the most effective responsible gambling measures in place. These measures can be utilized to make sure that your online gaming adventures remain fun, and we’d like to discuss them now.

Set Up Deposit Limits—Automatic

It goes without saying that when you engage in any play at online casinos, you will be risking your own cash (unless you’re playing in demo mode). This is a fundamental element of online gambling in all forms including sports betting and casino gaming. However, unless you track how much you’re spending at online casinos, it can be easy to let things spiral beyond your control. 

Speaking of which, the best remedy for this potential problem is to simply establish deposit limits for a specified timescale. These can include daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual deposit limits. Typically, you can set up such deposit limits via the banking section or settings when logged in to your account. The reason this measure is so effective is that once you’ve set up the limits, they cannot be changed for a predetermined length of time.

As a result, the impulse that some might have to deposit more money and keep playing cannot be acted upon.

Implement Playing Time Reminders—Automatic

This second measure isn’t quite as concrete as setting up deposit limits. However, it’s still a way to keep on top of your online gaming activities in a clear and responsible manner. Once again, this measure can be established through the settings section of your account. Basically, by turning playing time reminders on for whatever length of time you pick, you will be automatically prompted once you reach the limit.

For example, if you set the limit to one hour, once you have been logged in to your account for close to one hour, an on-screen pop-up will appear to let you know. This won’t automatically end your gaming session or log you out, but it serves as a very effective responsible gambling measure.

Monitor “Spend per Session”—Automatic

Many leading casino sites have a section that can be viewed at all times which covers something known as “session spend”. Some display this purely as the amount of money you have spent in that particular session. However, others display the figure as a positive or negative total, showing whether you have won or lost money in that individual session. Whichever way it is shown, you can view your spending in a clear and undeniable way—very useful when you’re trying to stay in control.