How did Jacob Elordi respond to the mockery of his role in The Kissing Booth during his SNL hosting debut?

During his SNL hosting debut, Jacob Elordi was playfully mocked by SNL cast member Sarah Sherman for his role in The Kissing Booth. After Elordi said that “Saltburn” is not for everyone, Sherman replied, “What the hell is a ‘Saltburn’? I’m talking about ‘The Kissing Booth.’ Two people kissing on the mouth… ew!” Elordi laughed and admitted, “Yeah, you know what, kissing is kind of weird when you think about it.”

Social media users were divided on their reactions to Elordi’s response. Some praised him for being able to laugh at himself and take the joke in stride. Others felt that he should have defended his work more passionately.

Overall, Elordi’s response to the mockery was met with mixed reactions. However, he handled the situation with grace and humor, which many fans appreciated.

What did Jacob Elordi reveal about his raunchy grave scene from the movie Saltburn during his SNL monologue?

In his SNL monologue, Jacob Elordi opened up about his role in the movie Saltburn, including a particularly steamy scene involving a grave. He said that the scene was filmed in the middle of a cemetery at night, and that it was “very uncomfortable.” He also revealed that he was the one in the grave during the scene, and that it was “very cold and wet.”

Social media users were amused by Elordi’s candidness about the scene. Many people shared their own experiences with awkward or uncomfortable acting gigs. Some also praised Elordi for being willing to share such personal details about his work.

Overall, Elordi’s revelation about his raunchy grave scene from Saltburn was well-received by social media users. People appreciated his willingness to share a funny and embarrassing story about his work.

What was the reaction to Jacob Elordi’s hosting debut on SNL?

Jacob Elordi’s hosting debut on SNL was met with mixed reactions from social media users. Some people praised his performance, calling him funny and charismatic. Others felt that he was a bit awkward and uncomfortable, and that his jokes fell flat.

Elordi’s monologue was particularly divisive. Some people found it funny and self-deprecating, while others felt that it was too self-congratulatory. His performance in the sketches was also mixed. Some of his sketches were well-received, while others were panned.

Overall, Jacob Elordi’s hosting debut on SNL was a mixed bag. It was clear that he had the potential to be a great host, but he did not quite hit the mark on this particular occasion.