Who is the best character in Subway Surfers?


Characters (Surfers) are the playable characters that players can play as in Subway Surfers.

Most characters in the game are teenagers (or in rare occasions, young adults). Every player starts off with Jake, but they can unlock more with Coins, Event Coins, Keys, Character Tokens, or Hunt Tokens from Season Hunts. There are two types of characters, which are non-limited and limited.

Non-limited characters (such as Tricky and Fresh) are always available and can be bought at any time. Limited characters (such as Tony and Carmen) can only be bought for a limited time before going off-sale.

Characters in Subway Surfers can have outfits. Some characters have no outfits, while others can have one or two outfits which will change their appearance.

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Top 10 characters in Subway Surfers

  • Kim
  • Aina
  • Brody
  • Jia
  • Rex
  • Jenny
  • Shin Mina
  • Mina
  • Tony
  • Harumi
  • Tasha