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Netflix Cowboy Bebop : Does Spike Spiegel die in the Anime? Why John Cho is simplifying his creativity? How ‘Cowboy Bebop’ fails to live up to the Original ?

‘Cowboy Bebop’: Does Spike Spiegel die in the Anime? The Anime ends on a seemingly vague note and here’s what director Shinichiro Watanabe has to say For fans of ‘Cowboy Bebop‘, the anime has a cult status. From its lovable characters to its soundtrack, no matter how you dissect it, it remains a fan favorite […]

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What Time Will On My Block season 4 release time on Netflix ?

On My Block season 4 release time: Here’s what time it comes out on Netflix Who’s ready for one last stroll around the block? The Core Four return as the fourth and final season of the immensely popular coming-of-age comedy On My Block premieres on Netflix. Season 4 begins two years after the events of […]

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Netflix eyes top prize with ‘The Crown’ as in-person Emmy Awards return

As Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ vies for the top prize in television, in-person Emmys are making a comeback. For the first time in two years, television’s biggest stars will meet in person at the Emmys on Sunday, where Netflix is expected to win the small screen’s biggest accolade for “The Crown.” Due to lingering Covid-19 worries, […]