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Twitch Changing Name Following Plagiarism Accusations ! Streamlabs changes its name after backlash from Twitch stars and open source software maker

Popular Twitch Software Changing Name Following Plagiarism Accusations OBS, Lightstream, and others have accused Streamlabs of copying their brands without consent the Twitter account for the livestreaming software Lightstream accused rival streaming software maker Streamlabs of stealing marketing copy from its website. After Lightstream tweeted about how Streamlabs’ website text was modeled on its own, […]

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xQc : Twitch Streamers xQc and Adept Have Broken Up

WHY DID XQC AND GIRLFRIEND ADEPT (SAMMY) BREAK UP? A LOOK AT STREAMER’S RELATIONSHIP twitch Streamers xQc and Adept Have Broken Up Twitch Streamers xQc and Adept announce their break-up on Twitter and request that their fans do not harass each other or make accusations. It’s often been said that nothing lasts forever, and that […]

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Twitch source code, creator revenue, passwords, more leaked by anonymous hacker !

Twitch source code leaked by anonymous hacker. Streamer payouts also leaked. Twitch source code appears to have been leaked by an anonymous hacker, including streamer payout reports. A 126GB torrent has been uploaded to 4chan, describing the Twitch community as a “disgusting toxic cesspool”. The intention for the leak is to “foster more disruption and […]

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