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Jerome Powell Federal Reserve on Twitter and News : Biden Keeps Powell as Fed Chair. He Will Face an Utterly Different Economy in a Second Term

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Biden Keeps Powell as Fed Chair, Elevates Brainard to Vice Chair President Biden will keep Jerome Powell as Fed chair, resisting political pressure for a shake-up. Lael Brainard is tapped for vice chair of the Federal Reserve. Who is Lael Brainard, President Biden’s pick for the Fed’s vice chair? President […]

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Which Democrats Voted against infrastructure bill? Kelly, Thompson Vote against Infrastructure Bill

U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly and Glenn Thompson both voted Friday against the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which is now heading to President Joe Biden for a signature. “While I and many of my Republican colleagues were ready to work on real infrastructure proposals, this bill falls far short of our goals,” said Kelly. “Democrats […]

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When Ruby Wax Met : excruciating outpourings from OJ Simpson, Donald Trump

Who has Ruby Wax interviewed? From Madonna to Donald Trump… RUBY Wax is taking a look back at some of most iconic interviews with the great and the good from her series from the 1990s. The original series featured a who’s who of A-list celebrities of the day. Wax describes her meeting with Donald Trump […]