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The Beatles: last ever live performance on a rooftop in London. Played by Jonah Lees, Blake Richardson in Brian Epstein Biopic ‘Midas Man’

The Beatles: New documentary tells the story of band’s last ever live performance on a rooftop in London Get Back is a three-part series which is based around 56 hours of film that has remained unseen for half a century. The Beatles‘ last ever live performance, up on the rooftop of 3 Saville Row, is […]

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Cardano-Based Ardana Will Build a Cross-Chain Bridge Between Cardano and NEAR. Who Has Built the First-Ever Cardano- NEAR Bridge ?

Cardano-Based Ardana Will Build a Cross-Chain Bridge Between Cardano and NEAR Cardano-based Ardana will build a cross-chain bridge between Cardano and NEAR protocol as per the terms of a new strategic partnership between the two teams. Ardana, which calls itself the DeFi hub of Cardano, announced on Tuesday, November 23, that it had joined forces […]

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Jerome Powell Federal Reserve on Twitter and News : Biden Keeps Powell as Fed Chair. He Will Face an Utterly Different Economy in a Second Term

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Biden Keeps Powell as Fed Chair, Elevates Brainard to Vice Chair President Biden will keep Jerome Powell as Fed chair, resisting political pressure for a shake-up. Lael Brainard is tapped for vice chair of the Federal Reserve. Who is Lael Brainard, President Biden’s pick for the Fed’s vice chair? President […]

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Animosity Between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Vice President : Biden aides offer praise for Harris and White House defends Kamala Harris

White House defends Kamala Harris after reports say she’s struggling Jen Psaki fires back after several media outlets portray a vice-president struggling to make her mark John Nance Garner, vice-president to Franklin D Roosevelt from 1933 to 1941, famously said the office “wasn’t worth a bucket of warm piss”. Kamala Harris may now agree. The […]

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America’s Got Talent : Who Made It Through the Third Quarter-Final ?

America’s Got Talent Third Quarter-Final A ‘frustrated’ Simon Cowell warns ‘AGT’ semifinalists to ‘get better.’ Here’s who advanced. The final spots in the semifinals are up for grabs on “America’s Got Talent.” But if you ask Simon Cowell, out of all 12 acts that performed Tuesday, “only three (contestants) were better than their first audition.” […]