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Flash mob : loots California Nordstrom ! 3 arrested, firearm recovered from Walnut Creek Nordstrom store looting involving 80 people

Looters Target Nordstrom Store in Walnut Creek The Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek was the target of looters late Saturday evening, according to police. The store, located at 1200 Broadway Plaza, is in the city’s downtown shopping district and a main anchor tenant of Walnut Creek’s iconic outdoor regional shopping center. NBC Bay Area’s Jodi […]

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Twitch source code, creator revenue, passwords, more leaked by anonymous hacker !

Twitch source code leaked by anonymous hacker. Streamer payouts also leaked. Twitch source code appears to have been leaked by an anonymous hacker, including streamer payout reports. A 126GB torrent has been uploaded to 4chan, describing the Twitch community as a “disgusting toxic cesspool”. The intention for the leak is to “foster more disruption and […]

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