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Twitch Changing Name Following Plagiarism Accusations ! Streamlabs changes its name after backlash from Twitch stars and open source software maker

Popular Twitch Software Changing Name Following Plagiarism Accusations OBS, Lightstream, and others have accused Streamlabs of copying their brands without consent the Twitter account for the livestreaming software Lightstream accused rival streaming software maker Streamlabs of stealing marketing copy from its website. After Lightstream tweeted about how Streamlabs’ website text was modeled on its own, […]

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Anime PFP : Best Anime Profile Pictures : Free + jojo anime pfp

Free Anime PFP anime pfp pic jojo anime pfp Anime PFP Wallpapers Anime PFP: Best Anime Profile Pictures Anime pfp (profile pictures) is used to express your favourite anime character on the social account profile avatar. However, on the internet, it’s hard to find some of the best anime profile pictures that suit your personality. […]

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The Most Popular Twitch Streamers – Top 20 most followed Twitch streamers

The Most Popular Twitch Streamers Who is the #1 streamer on twitch? Do you get paid on twitch? Streaming, in general, has boomed over the past three years, from the explosion of Fortnite, game developers realizing the power of Twitch, and competition from YouTube and Facebook Gaming, it’s all snowballed to make streaming much more […]

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New World outfit available via Twitch drops during Gamescom

New World Verdant Trapper skin: How to get Twitch drop armor set New World features plenty of armor and cosmetic sets players can use to distinguish themselves amongst the crowd. However, the Verdant Trapper skin is being given away for free. The New World beta has proven incredibly popular among players and streamers alike, with […]

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