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Child Star & Actor Matthew Mindler killed himself with sodium nitrate purchased from

Actor Matthew Mindler killed himself with sodium nitrate purchased from Amazon

Former child star Matthew Mindler killed himself using sodium nitrate he ordered for $15 from Amazon after searching online how to use it in suicides, according to officials and his mother.

After toxicology tests, the Lancaster County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the 19-year-old “Our Idiot Brother” actor’s death from August to be suicide by sodium nitrate toxicity, TMZ reported Thursday.

The oxidizing agent, often used to preserve foods such as meat, more commonly kills people accidentally, by causing low blood pressure and limiting the flow of oxygen in the body, the outlet noted.

But as well as the ME’s ruling, Mindler’s mom confirmed to TMZ that her son had bought the substance online to kill himself during his first days away from home at Millersville University in

Monica Mindler who previously revealed that her son suffered from “crippling anxiety” said she later found a clear but heartbreaking link in her son’s internet search history.

The actor was looking up information on how to get sodium nitrate and use it to end life painlessly, said the grieving mom, who had no idea beforehand that her son was planning to kill himself.

He ordered some on Amazon for $15 — giving him enough to kill as many as four people, the mom said.

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Former child star Matthew Mindler intentionally overdosed on sodium nitrate

Matthew Mindler , the former child star who appeared in 2011’s Our Idiot Brother  died from “complications of sodium nitrate toxicity.”

The 19-year-old was reported missing in late August during his first week of college at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, and his body was discovered days later, after a search. The Lancaster County Coroner’s Office ruled the manner of his death suicide, pending toxicology results.

The final coroner’s report, released Thursday and obtained by Yahoo Entertainment, shows the cause of death was an overdose on sodium nitrate, a crystalline salt compound that is soluble in water.

The reported cause of death led to his mother, Monica Mindler, issuing a warning, via TMZ, about the danger of sodium nitrate. She said an internet search history showed Matthew had been researching the compound.

Monica said the amount he received was enough to kill four people.

She also said her intention in speaking out about its use in this fatal case is so it serves as a warning sign to others – of its potential intention — and hopefully save lives.

The heartbroken mom previously spoke about her son’s crippling anxiety but said he seemed to be doing OK his first week of college. He was making friends and had interviewed for a job. They had plans to see each other in the days ahead.

Former Child Actor Matthew Mindler’s Cause of Death at 19 Revealed as Sodium Nitrate Toxicity

Our Idiot Brother actor Matthew Mindler died by suicide in August at age 19

Matthew Mindler’s cause of death has been revealed about two months after the actor’s death was ruled a suicide.

Mindler died of sodium nitrate toxicity, the Lancaster County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed to TMZ. He was 19.

The medical examiner’s office did not immediately reply to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

The former child actor, who appeared in the 2011 comedy Our Idiot Brother, intentionally ingested sodium nitrate, a preservative that, when ingested in high quantities, can lead to hypotension and limited oxygen flow in the body, which can be fatal.