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The Best Valorant Operator Skins: Is the Operator a good gun?

One of the best weapons in Valorant has to be the Operator. A 4700 credits weapon that can one-shot anyone is too boosted! The best part about the Operator though is the skins. Unlike other weapons, Riot Games gave this sniper special treatment when it came to skins. That’s why here, we’ll take a look at the best Operator skins in Valorant!

The best Operator skins in Valorant!

Forsaken Operator

The Forsaken Operator was a part of the Forsaken skin bundle which cost 7100 VP. Every skin upgrade is phenomenal. Although the original variant is good, the upgraded Golden version is what the players prefer most, which ultimately makes the Forsaken Operator skin into a Sovereign one. 

Sentinels of Light Operator

The Sentinels of Light Operator was a part of the Sentinels of Light skin bundle which cost 8100 VP. If you are a big fan of animations, then this skin is for you! 

Origin Operator

The Origin Operator was a part of the Origin skin bundle which cost 7100 VP. The best part of this skin collection is the animation it does when you press the Y button. This sniper skin is literally out of this world with its punk-like futuristic sounds and animation upgrades, and the multiple skin variants. 

Ion Operator

The Ion Operator was a part of the Ion skin bundle which cost 7100 VP. Following the trend of the previous Origin skin, the Ion Operator also rocks a futuristic style in blue and white colors. The death animation may be simple, but it catches the essence of what the Ion Operator is supposed to be. 

Glitchpop Operator

The Glitchpop Operator was a part of the Glitchpop skin bundle which cost 8700 VP. The Glitchpop Operator, along with the skin collection, was one of the best in the game back in the day. Tons of skins, variants, upgrades, we had everything! The death animation is one of a kind, and the best Glitchpop Operator variant has to be the red version. 

Elderflame Operator

The Elderflame Operator was a part of the Elderflame skin bundle which cost 9900 VP. This was the first instance we saw of what premium feels in Valorant. The sounds and the look of a dragon are what made the Operator so special. 

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster might not the prettiest skin on this list, but it’s one of the most satisfying skins to use. Inspired by 1960s science fiction, retro-futurism, and the works of authors like Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Arthur Charles Clarke, and the Strugatsky brothers, it brings a totally unique look and feel to VALORANT.

It comes in four variants: turquoise green, silver, black and yellow, and red and blue, and it has a distinct sound. A shot with the Operator is followed by an outrageously loud “pew” that echoes for a second, before dispersing into a cloud of smoke.

Reaver Operator

The Reaver series of skins is one of the most popular skin bundles in VALORANT, with the Reaver Vandal and Reaver Sheriff gaining much popularity along with the Reaver Operator. The skin has one of the most unique reload animations, with the player unloading and reloading the magazine without touching it as though using some sort of dark magic. The firing sounds, skin color variants, and finisher put this Operator’s skin in our top 3.

What is the Operator in Valorant?

The Operator is one of two snipers in Valorant. A coveted one-shot kill weapon that can easily turn a game, it’s the big brother for the much more accessible Marshal.

Since it’s a scoped weapon, the OP demands accuracy over precision and rewards those who hit their shots more often than not. Unlike other weapons, one or two shots are all you need to influence a round. If they hit their mark, that is.

Is the Operator a good gun in Valorant?

In the right hands, the Operator is the best gun in Valorant. The gun is meant to be oppressive but it comes down to the player landing shots.

Even if your team has a weak buy in a round, a poor squad will be happy to pool its resources together to afford one if an OPer’s performance, up to that point, justifies the investment.

Aside from price tweaks and its initial balance changes, the OP has remained largely untouched by patches and will stay in meta despite its heavy 4,700 Creds cost.

Valorant Operator tactics

Before we get into the best Agents to use the Operator, there are some basics to keep in mind for much better gameplay with the sniper.

If you practice your flicks often, then hold your scope’s red dot closer to the wall’s edge you’re aiming at. If not, then give yourself a bit of a lead space in case someone rushes out from a corner.

The point of the Operator is getting the first shot off. If you miss it or get beat on an angle, consider repositioning deeper into a site.

Valorant is all about risk management. Unless you’re in higher ranks, re-peeking an angle with an OP should always be a calculated decision or a one-off heat check. That’s because your freedom with the Operator heavily relies on both your communication and your team’s ability to play around it.

Lastly, stay mobile. As a Valorant Operator skin, if you’re succeeding with the weapon, the other team will notice. They’ll either play to counter you or play to avoid you. In either case, even after a successful round or during an extended round, consider repositioning to keep the opponents guessing where you are to maximize the gun’s influence around the map.

Are there operator skins in Valorant?

Valorant GO! Vol. 2 skin for Operator.

How much is prime vandal?

Upgradable skin from the store that is purchasable in-game for 1,775 Valorant Points. The skin for each of the weapons, including Vandal has some unique visual finish or animation effects, but it does not affect the gameplay. The skin is available since June 2, 2020.

How much is singularity Phantom?

The new Singularity premium skin bundle, which will be available in the in-game store, features skins for the Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom and Ares and Melee. Each gun skin will cost 2,175 VP, while the melee skin will be 4,350 VP.

How much is Glitchpop Phantom?

The skins individually will cost as follows: Vandal – 2,175 VP. Phantom – 2,175 VP.

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