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Call to Action (CTA) : How to Improve Your Social Media Content ?

Having an effective call to action is an essential part of your content and SEO. A call to action (CTA) is not just limited to lead generation and e-commerce sites. However every website, Facebook page, and a piece of content should have a goal it wants users to complete. The goal can be filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter, or sharing your content.

What Is a Call to Action (CTA)?

A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to the next step a marketer wants its audience or reader to take. The CTA can have a direct link to sales. For example, it can instruct the reader to click the buy button to complete a sale, or it can simply move the audience further along towards becoming a consumer of that company’s goods or services. The CTA can suggest that the reader subscribes to a newsletter that contains product updates, for example. To be effective, a CTA should be obvious and should immediately follow the marketing message.

The Value of CTA

The most important reasons for writing social media call to action is to give your website improved recognition, which entails more business opportunities as well. In today’s business world, profitability can be linked to more visitors, more clicks, better audience engagements, and more sales.

A website who does not have good social media call to action will definitely miss a lot of opportunities to get visitors to click a page, take a survey, subscribe for something, or do whatever the website owner wants that will help the business grow. Also some visitors may just read through the information and simply pass ahead if they are not directed on what to do. In other words with a social media call to action, you can take that initiative and inform your readers to take action on things that will make the business grow.

CTA can simply help you attain certain goals by simply requesting your visitors to do a simple task. When you frequently ask your readers to do something – contact me, retweet, reply, share – it gives your posts a sense of purpose. With the social media call to action, you will have the opportunity to further engage with your audience.


Types of Call to Action (CTA)

Effective calls to action are simple and easy to follow. They come in a variety of types. For instance they could be for lead generation, form submission, lead nurturing or social sharing.

Although all CTAs might not lead to purchase, they should all be focused on generating engagement with your site, and your product.

Examples of some of the most popular types of CTA are:

  • Opportunities to sign up for newsletters.
  • Share buttons for social media.
  • Social media links to your profiles
  • Contact buttons

8 Steps to write the best social media call to action

1. Your message should have a bit of urgency

People usually don’t like to miss out on opportunities. To take advantage of this, try to make your social media call to action sound like it’s not going to be available always. But this depends on the type of message you are passing across.

For instance, good call to action examples include “call now” rather than “call anytime”, or “buy now while stocks last” instead of “buy”. These are good call to action examples that can incredibly induce quick response from the reader.

2.Use active language for CTA

A call to action should be crystal clear and tell users what you want them to do. A great CTA should include active words such as:

  • Like
  • Buy
  • Register
  • Subscribe
  • Donate

All of these words encourage users to take action. Also, you may want to create a sense of urgency and need to act now. Use these words alongside phrases such as:

  • Offer expires December 31st
  • For a short time only
  • Order now and receive a free gift

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3. Customize each platform

You wouldn’t want to use only one social media call to action on all the platforms your business has presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms have their unique features, so it’s right to customize your CTA for each platform.

4. Have a call to action on every page

A call to action should not just be limited to the homepage or landing page. In other words every page of your site should have some form of a call to action that leads the user on. If the visitor reaches a dead-end, they will leave without responding to your CTA.

Your call to action does not need to be the same for each page. Instead, you can use smaller steps that lead the user towards your ultimate goal.

On the Similarly use CTAs to finish all your communication. What is the next step for that Facebook post, email, or even an Adwords ad? Tell people with a CTA!

For example, a site like Portico does a really good job of this by prominently displaying their main CTA on every page of their site. The CTA stands out as well by using a light blue color that is noticeably different than the other colors on their site. The choice of displaying the CTA so prominently and making it stand out almost certainly leads to more conversion rate.

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5. Maintain a Consistent Presentation on Landing Pages

This is one of the biggest reasons calls to action don’t work. So Send prospects to the appropriate step in the purchase process.

Make sure you use the same wording and graphics. On the other hand the goal is to show continuity. Don’t let the reader think that you’ve sent them to the wrong place or they’ll leave.

Tailor landing pages to increase results. HubSpot research found that using more landing pages yielded better results. This makes sense because it translates to more targeted offers.

6. Offer benefits or incentives by Call to action buttons

Usually, the normal guy will be reluctant to do the simplest of task if there are no benefits attached for him. Consequently that’s why it’s a good thing to add some benefits or incentives to your social media call to action to gain more responses. Be concise and clear about what the reader stands to gain when they act upon your request.

7. Test to Maximize Results Is Important To CTA

Every element of your call to action can be tested. When testing, only modify one factor at a time or you won’t know what caused the change. Among the attributes to test are:

  • Text. Check the text on buttons as well as information surrounding the call to action.
  • Color. Take a holistic view of color. Consider the text and button colors, the background and the use of white space around the call to action.
  • Graphics. Test the use of photographs and other images.
  • Size. Assess the size of the call to action relative to the rest of the content.
  • Placement. Consider where on the page the call to action appears.

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8. Measure Results of your CTA

How can you measure your results? In other words you want to track the impact of your social media calls to action back to your original objectives. Here are some metrics to track:

  • Impressions are the number of people exposed to the call to action.
  • Click-throughs are the number of people who take action.
  • Click-through rate is the percentage of people who checked out your offer out of the number of people who saw it.
  • Completions are the number of people who filled out your form and submitted it.
  • Completion rate is the percentage of people who complete your form out of the number of people who clicked through.
best call to action

10+ Examples of Best CTA Phrases

Over the years, there has been lots of Call to action examples that have actually gained tremendous responses. A well worded CTA can really make a huge difference and help your business gain more followers. You can look at some of the best calls to action phrases examples below to draw some inspirations from them.

  • Register now for more
  • Hope to see you soon
  • Grab your now
  • What’s your favorite?
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Book a seat now… limited available
  • Learn more here…..
  • Make your choice here
  • Claim your discount now
  • For more inspiration, visit……….
  • Watch this video to learn more
  • Sign up for free now
  • Read more here
  • View this to learn more


In short, a Social media call to action is a great way to keep your visitors within your reach and engage them continuously. With the right design, the right writing tone, and the proper placement, you will be able to make your visitors do what you really want them to do.

To create a good call to action that’s perfect for your business is not rocket science. It’s one of the simplest things to do if the right steps and strategies are taken. Just make sure you remain simple, direct to point and use the right design for the right platform. If designed and written well, more visits, customer engagements, and profits will surely come your way.

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